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skinfood intensive shea butter cream in shower

The Genius In-Shower Product That Eliminates the Need for Body Lotion

Skinfood Intensive Shea Butter Cream In Shower: I can’t quit you. Find out why this in-shower lotion helps me stop being lazy about moisturizing my body.

The Skinfood Cream In Shower is one of those products I stumbled upon in 2017 that I never knew I needed, but now that it’s in my life, I can’t live without it. Let me explain.
I’m one of those people who has an extensive facial and neck routine, but can’t bother with my body. I admittedly neglect body skin as often as I fail to brush my hair—and that’s daily. As a result, I always have scaly, flakey legs.
No joke. You know those stock images of deserts? My legs literally look like those, with those deep fissures that divide up the ground like cells. It’s so bad that any time I remove any skin-tight pants or leggings, I see some of my dead skin cells literally whiten parts of my pants because they flaked off in transit. Gross, I know.
So, anyway! Skinfood came out with the genius Intensive Shea Butter Cream In Shower, and it’s helped me incorporate daily body moisturizing into my routine without the fuss. The best part? It literally takes a few seconds to apply, and it’s changed my body routine for the better.
skinfood cream in shower
This year I’ve learned the importance and benefit of applying products on damp skin. Here’s a quick recap: Applying skin care products on damp skin helps the ingredients in the products absorb faster and better, while water also helps you maintain lasting moisture. So it only made sense that there could be a product that could potentially assist with body moisturizing too.
How to use the Cream In Shower:
When you’re in the shower, after you’ve washed your hair and used a body wash, like the Skinfood Shea Butter Cream Wash, put a few pumps of the Skinfood Cream In Shower into your wet hands and slather it all over your legs, torso, chest and arms. (The fact that you’re already dripping wet in the shower makes the process less a chore.) Within a matter of seconds, your body will be coated in the cream, and then you just use the running shower to quickly rinse it off. Then, towel dry as you would normally do.
And you’re done! You can now concentrate on pampering your facial skin.
The ingredients:
While you’re working on your facial skin care routine, take a second to feel the skin on your body. It’ll be buttery smooth and soft. That’s because the Intensive Shea Butter Cream In Shower features my all-time body-nourishing ingredients: oats and shea butter.
Another huge reason why this product is your body savior? It contains ceramides, which work to coat and protect your skin’s barrier. Without a strong, resilient skin barrier, that much needed moisture escapes and makes your skin susceptible to flaking, thus creating those fissions I was talking about earlier that will make your skin look like the Sahara desert.
After using this in-shower lotion every day, your skin will feel like silk and it will no longer look like it’s literally parched because of these super charged ingredients that actually absorb into your skin and will now protect it.
The bottom line:
Not only did the Skinfood Intensive Shea Butter Cream In Shower make my skin immediately soft and moisturized, it actually felt that way throughout the day. Unlike my other body creams that seem to fade an hour after applying the cream, this actually lasted.
The most important feature of this product is that it helped me to moisturize my body daily. I now think of it less as a chore when it’s done so quickly and gently in the shower. Also, putting on moisturizer on wet skin is so much more convenient than dry skin. And as a bonus, this in-shower lotion also serves as a great shaving gel!
Using the Skinfood Intensive Shea Butter Cream In Shower was a wake up call that even the skin on my body needs some TLC, so that means it needs the proper cleansing, exfoliation—and yes—a great moisturizer.
One day, I hope Skinfood makes the Cream in Shower with SPF. Now, that would be next-level, and you can trust that I’d be the first one in line to pick that up.
Bonus: From August 23 to August 29, with Soko Glam’s exclusive Skinfood sale, you can receive 25% off on ALL Skinfood items (including this awesome lotion!) with the code SKINFOOD25. Plus, there’s a free gift with purchase for orders over $50.

+ Have you tried the Skinfood Intensive Shea Butter Cream In Shower? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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