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Missha, Erborian, CosRX: 3 of the top 10 K-beauty brands you need to know

10 K-Beauty Brands You Need to Know

Korea is surely unstoppable when it comes to setting the scene for beauty trends. With a ton of brands and thousands of products to try, it can be tough to identify the most innovative and unique ones. Well, not anymore. Here is your ultimate guide to the top 10 K-beauty brands!

1. CosRX
This K-beauty brand is all about exploring powerful ingredients in innovative formulas that can make the cut into your daily ritual. With products for acne, pigmentation, or even an instant face lift, CosRX is your guy when it comes to effective everyday solutions. Try their best-seller and all-time favorite Acne Pimple Master Patch that will treat those stubborn infections to flatten and disappear overnight.

2. Erborian
Think about having the best of Korean and French beauty in only one brand. Erborian brings the fusion of traditional Korean ingredients infused with French luxury. The Ginseng Infusion Total Eye cream is enriched with ginseng extracts which are known to reduce signs of aging, wrinkles, and dark circles.

3. Missha
A list of top K-beauty brands wouldn’t be complete without one of Korea’s all-time favorite, Missha. They are known for their top quality products that are effective and affordable for people of all skin types. The holy grail Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence also comes in a portable mist form so you can stay hydrated anywhere you are throughout the day.

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AmorePacific, RE:P, and Neogen: 3 of the top 10 K-beauty brands you need to know
4. RE:P

Looking for K-beauty brands that values eco-friendly materials and uses certified cruelty-free natural ingredients? So consider RE:P to be your Korean beauty go-to! Their Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pads are quick and convenient to use with one side to exfoliate and one side to gently sweep away impurities.

5. AmorePacific
AmorePacific is listed as the biggest cosmetic company in Korea and we made sure not to forget to include this brand on the list! With over 30 brands in their portfolio, it’s their homonym brand, AmorePacific, that brings some of the best and most luxurious products in the K-beauty world. Take AmorePacific’s Treatment Enzyme Peel as an example: This best-selling product has special exfoliating powders made especially to cure dullness and dark spots.

6. Neogen
When it comes to technology and innovation, Neogen is leading the forefront for those skincare junkies always searching for new and unique products. Their Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser is a cleanser winner with fermented green tea extract that will brighten and hydrate sensitive skin. Try also the Neogen’s Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea, that which brings 30 potent, yet gentle, exfoliating pads to promote chemical and manual exfoliation.

Etude House, Belief, Skinfood, and Too Cool for School: 4 of the top 10 K-beauty brands you need to know

7. Skinfood
Made with just the right blend, Skinfood provides fun and easy ways to incorporate extracts of high-quality fruits and vegetables into your skincare regimen. I mean, who wouldn’t want to patch up their T-zone with a slab of egg whites? Their Egg White Pack is great for targeted treatment to unclog, tighten, and clear pores against blackheads.

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8. Belif
Now let’s talk about K-beauty brands that are raising the bar when it comes to moisturizers. Belif earned its fame with their ultra lightweight The True Cream Aqua Bomb face cream. It’s in the brand’s philosophy that hydration is key to happy and brighter skin, so including a lightweight moisturizer with calming properties into your skincare regimen will ensure to leave behind dull and tired skin over time.

9. Etude House
It would be hard not to fall into a whimsical whirl of pink after you experience SoKo’s #1 makeup brand, Etude House. After you get your pretty hands on their products, your wishes for playful skincare products and cute makeup pieces just might come true! Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner is a toner that will leave your skin baby soft.

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10. Too Cool For School

This is an original K-beauty brand that the cool girl on the block has inside of her makeup bag. From eye-catching designs to effective formulas, Too Cool For School gets some major love from those makeup junkies wanting more quirky and unique products. Their Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara does basically all you can ever ask for: it curls your lashes plus, adds length and volume. Its twisty tail also allows you to bend the tip to reach every lash, including lower lashes.  

+ What is your favorite K-beauty brand? Share your love with us in the comments below.

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