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What the Soko Glam Skin Experts Are Gifting Everyone On Their List This Year

We love the holidays here at Soko Glam. However, as some customers have mentioned (and as we know from personal experience), the holidays can be a stressful time. Trying to pick out presents for everyone on your list can be overwhelming, but have no fear! The Soko Glam Skin Experts are here to help. Read on to find out what we’ll be gifting those we love this year for some major gift-spiration.
For your mom:
The Dewy Skin Set is a great option for the most important woman in your life. This luxurious set comes with a variety of our customer-favorite anti-aging products, including the 2018 Best of K-Beauty winner, the Plant Base Time Stop Collagen Ampoule. 
For your most-followed friend on Instagram:
You know that friend who will spend the holidays off being fabulous in Morocco or Portugal? This girl is so up on trends, the only gift she’ll need is the Soko Glam Best of K-Beauty Mini Set. The set is housed in a photo-worthy iridescent pouch, and it features an array of award-winning products. The best part? Everything in there is TSA-approved, so your friend can have a full routine on-the-go, no matter her exotic locale.
For your sister:
Nothing says the holidays like spending quality time with your family, and my favorite way to bond with my sisters is by doing skin care together. Snap up a couple of the Slumber Party Sets and Lip Care Sets, get a bumping playlist going, and have an old-fashioned sleepover with your closest girls. The Slumber Party Sets feature sheet masks, the Lovely Etti Hair Band (honestly, a foolproof gift), and my favorite sleeping pack. The Lip Care Sets have some incredible moisturizing products, like the Missha and SkinRX Lab lip balms, and Soko Glam co-founder Charlotte Cho’s holy grail, the Etude House Balm + Color Tint. Not only will you have so much fun goofing off and reconnecting, but you’ll also wake up with glowing skin!
For your work friends:
Snap up some sheet masks, write a cute note, and for a little something extra, add a bar of luxe-looking soap like the nourishing Klairs Rich Moist Facial Soap. This is such a simple, inexpensive gift that is always a hit. My favorite sheet masks include the Manefit Natural Gift Green Tea Pore Care Sheet Mask because of the hydrogel texture and the selfie-ready green tone, the Missha First Treatment Essence Mask because of its two-piece design and thick fabric, and the Klavuu White Pearlsation Pearl Serum Mask for its overall luxurious experience and rock star formula.
For your best friend:
Nothing says “you’re my girl” like a thoughtful, luxurious gift. I’m giving my people the Then I Met You Cleansing Duo because it’s formulated for all skin types, is a dream to use, and comes beautifully packaged. My roommate literally told me that she wants to give her co-worker an oil-based cleanser because she wants her to experience the life-changing magic of the double cleanse, and I want everyone to feel that generous during the holidays. This is a wonderful gift that you can give to someone special in your life.
For the girl suffering through allergies:
Winter skin allergies are real! If someone’s skin is extra sensitive during the holidays due to the rich foods, constant celebrations, cold weather, and dry air, I recommend giving them the Fragrance Free Set. I’m honestly in love with every product in this set, which is not something you can always say about kits. If you have a very sensitive friend, this is the gift for her (or him!).
For your adventurous friend:
Some may be skeptical about using a product that contains snail mucin, but this friend will be intrigued. The cult-favorite skin care brand Dewytree uses snail mucin as its star ingredient and offers something for everyone. Chances are, this same adventurous friend will be hitting the slopes or escaping to the beach, so they’ll benefit from having some of the ultra-hydrating and healing ingredient in their lineup.
For your mother-in-law (or significant other’s mom):
I’ve been hoarding the SMD Saromae Snail Secretion Cream because I’m obsessed with it. This cream, appropriate for almost every skin under the sun (I wouldn’t recommend if you’re post-procedure, but otherwise, you can use this with confidence), comes beautifully packaged, smells incredible, and will make your face seriously glow. When you need to make a good impression on someone, this is absolutely the way to go as it shows you have good taste, are thoughtful, and are generous.
Bottom Line
Regardless of the gifts you give, we at Soko Glam hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Don’t let the stress of shopping get to you, and instead focus on what the holidays are about: Being generous with the people you love, not only materially, but in time and spirit. We can’t wait to see how you spend your holidays!

+What are you gifting this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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