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sheet masks every day for a week

Watch What Happened When We Used Sheet Masks Every Day for a Week

Want to know what your skin will look like if you use sheet masks every day for a week? We’ll show you…

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There’s nothing quite like that natural, dewy glow your skin boasts after using a sheet mask. But, the 20-minute commitment of sheet masking often means most people only sheet mask two to three times a week. However, regular sheet masking is one of the easiest ways to attain that glowing, dewy look. We wanted to know if sheet masking every day would really make that much of a difference. So, we decided to take the challenge and sheet mask every single day for a week.
Renee, our digital content editor, Emily, one of our digital content interns, and I tried this challenge. Our rules were simple: Seven consecutive days, seven sheet masks, no days off. Each day, the three of us chose a mask that suited our specific needs, and sat for 10-20 minutes to soak up all the goodness. To say we were impressed would be an understatement. Read below to discover our thoughts!
sheet masks every day for a week
I’ll be honest: I love sheet masking, but I’m lazy, so most days I end up skipping this step in my Korean routine because I just want to get done with my routine and go to bed. So I was really excited to embark on this 7 day sheet mask challenge. (It helped that I had my coworkers reminding me every day to actually put on the sheet mask).
By day three, my skin was immensely changed. My pigmentation was starting to clear up and my perpetual dryness turned into plump, bright skin. I especially noticed a change in my skin after using my favorite of the seven I tried: the Leaders Brightening Recovery Mask. It gave my skin such a nice glow, and felt so comfortable on my skin because it was so lightweight but still so hydrating. Sheet masking every day made such a difference that I didn’t even have to wear any foundation by day four. My skin was so balanced and bright that all I did in the morning was throw on some moisturizer, sunscreen, and mascara and head out the door.
So, sheet masking every day may seem like it’s adding more time to your routine, but it’s actually saving you time in the long run (no more rushed mornings!). Plus, it’s soooo relaxing. It gives you a nice 10-20 minutes out of your busy day to calm down, recharge, and focus on yourself.
sheet masks every day for a week
There’s a difference between having clear skin and having glowing clear skin. I started the week on my period, ready for my hormonal acne to kick in as usual. My chin was ready for the non-rent-paying zit that would make its home on my chin for the next week.
To combat this, I chose soothing masks, like the Dr. G Sensi Calming Mask and the Manefit Bling Bling Hydro Gel Mask in Energizing Rose. My skin typically flares up during hormonal periods, and these masks helped calm down my skin and reduce irritation. With the warm summer months, I prefer lightweight or hydrogel masks that deliver moisture without feeling heavy.
I started seeing the dewiness of my skin increase by the day and by the end of the week, I went from dull to an actual natural highlight. It was a healthy glow, and you wouldn’t even think my hormones were out of wack! Plus, my skin felt so much more balanced and hydrated.
sheet masks every day for a week
There aren’t many things quite as satisfying as the way my skin looks and feels right after I pull off a sheet mask. The glow that radiates off my cheek bones and the perfect, dewy glisten on my skin give me life. So, when I found out I was going to be sheet masking for seven days straight, I was excited, to say the least. My skin was dry as usual, so I knew I needed to look for masks that were going to deliver lots and lots of hydration.
My favorite from the week was the Neogen White Truffle Hydramax Knit Mask. It’s honestly my dream mask, because it’s super thick and drenched with essence, so it feels like a giant hug of moisture. For my dry skin, it’s the greatest feeling on Earth. Plus, it has a flap that folds down onto your neck, so it gets all the goodness and moisture too.
However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. As is usually the case with my ultra-sensitive skin, one of the masks I tried actually caused me to break out. Although my skin was glowing and hydrated, I had a couple irritated pimples on my cheek. This was around day five, so I still had two days to rehab.
So, the next two days, I chose masks that were clearing and soothing to address those breakouts. First, I used the Ultru I’m Sorry For My Skin Black Mud Mask Tightening. Whenever I have breakouts, I love a clay or mud mask because they draw out impurities so effectively. This mask combines a mud mask and sheet and mask into one, so it’s super cool and innovative. It really gave me the benefits of a clay mask without getting as dry! The second day, I want for a soothing and moisturizing mask, and soaked up all the goodness in the Manefit Beauty Planner Cucumber Sheet Mask. This re-hydrated and revitalized my skin, and restored that dewy glow. By the end, my breakouts were almost completely gone, and my skin was more dewy and glowy than ever.
The bottom line:
Long story short, the seven days of sheet masking were totally worth it. We all got to test some amazing masks and see the benefits right away. It’s rare with skin care to see such results so fast, but all three of us emerged from the week with visibly more radiant, glowing skin. And, like Renee said, that 10-20 minutes gave us all such a nice moment to unwind and relax everyday.  Masking on the daily? We think yes.

+ Have you ever used sheet masks every day for week? Share your stories below!

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