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The 3 Renewing Spring Skin Care Trends To Invest In Now

The Renewing Spring Skin Care Trends You Should Invest In Now

A fresh start is in the cards.

With the onset of Spring, our environment’s suddenly looking a lot less dreary. We’re venturing outside a bit more, enjoying sunnier days and watching as the landscape begins to erupt with blooms and colors.

The winter hibernation staples we clung onto for the last few months -heavy moisturizers and hydrating body treatments- have suddenly found themselves pushed to the back of our beauty cabinets, as we begin to adapt our skin care routine to the new, refreshing season we’re entering.

This seasonal transition is the perfect time to adopt new products and a minimalistic routine inspired by the most refreshing Spring skin care trends that skin experts are talking about. Check out our favorite renewing trends- and the best products to achieve each- below.

Natural Healing Ingredients

The skin barrier dominated the complexion dialogue during the last year- and for good reason. A nourished, thriving barrier is the foundation for healthy, glowing skin. Neglecting it may result in allergic reactions, eczema and infections, in the form of breakouts.

Natural, healing ingredients, like cica and artemisia, directly fortify the skin barrier through their transformative properties, as they close wounds that serve as entry points for impurities and soothe acne. 

Besides building up the barrier, these ingredients also help soothe seasonal irritants like pollen. To refresh and kickstart barrier health this Spring, we recommend DewyTree Cica 100 Essence in combination with Round Lab Mugwort Calming Toner for maximum benefits.

Cloud Skin

This Spring’s departing from previous years’ obsession with ultra-glowing skin. 

Enter: cloud skin. 

The newest skin trend focuses on a soft, luminous, lit from within look. If you’re having trouble differentiating this new term from honey, glass, and dolphin skin, think of cloud skin as the more subdued ethereal cousin of the previous trends. The timely soft-glow movement is taking over media outlets and TikTok skin care routines. look. 

Not only is cloud skin visually appealing, it’s built on the premise that hydration is of crucial importance. (Which we approve of.)

The key to achieving cherub-like skin? Essence mists that deliver on-the-go and around the clock moisture. Simply stock your bag with a mist formulated with brightening and hydrating ingredients, like Acwell’s Licorice pH Balancing Essence Mist and mist as you go.


Expand your Spring cleaning to your beauty cabinet because skinmalism is going nowhere. We first spotted the trend back in 2018, when it was popping up in Korea as “skip care.” Since then, the trend’s gained traction and is gunning for beauty industry domination.

It’s no secret that we’re big proponents of the 10-step skin care routine. But what if we told you that our favorite routine basis fits perfectly with skinmalism? Hear us out! The 10-step skin care routine is a guideline. Not all steps should be used daily. You should be rotating products and steps in and out of practice as your skin changes.

This Spring, evaluate your routine and find what is-and isn’t- working for you and your skin. From there, eliminate everything that’s not serving you condense your practice and seek out products that align with what you’ve found is best for you. Check out multi-purpose products to condense even further. We particularly love toners that double as gentle exfoliators. Some By Mi’s AHA-BHA-PHA 30Days Miracle Toner does just that with a mix of chemical exfoliants and tea tree water.

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