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These Are the Most Popular Etude House Products in Korea

So many Etude House products out there, so little time! Narrow your search with this list of the most popular Etude House products.

Being a Korean beauty fan means knowing and loving Etude House. The iconic makeup and skin care brand has been around since 1966 is often one of the first K-beauty products both Korean and Americans purchase. But since it’s been around for a while, there a lots of Etude House products to choose from. It can be overwhelming.
Thankfully we have Charlotte, and she’s a master curator. When Soko Glam launched Etude House in January, Charlotte decided to focus on the brand’s affordable, innovative makeup products (she was inspired after a Korean Airline stewardess told her that all the flight attendants she knows use Etude House makeup).
Fast forward to today, and Soko Glam has curated a whole new batch of Etude House products. Charlotte had a different goal with this collection: Curate the current most popular Etude House products in Korea so people stateside can access them. Read below to discover these cult favorite products and why they sell out fast over in Seoul.
Real Art Cleansing Oil Perfect and Real Art Cleansing Oil Mild
etude house oil cleanser
The Real Art Cleansing Oil Perfect is a big favorite among Klog editors—it was Tina’s first oil cleanser ever! What makes these cleansers so different is the consistency. They feel like you’re applying a gel serum instead of slathering on a heavy oil. This makes the Real Art Cleansing Oil Perfect great for people with oily or combination skin who may be wary of oil cleansers. With rice extract and shea butter in the formula, this cleanser works to deep clean and plump skin.
If you have extra sensitive skin, the Real Art Cleansing Oil Mild will become your new favorite product in your routine. It’s a gentler version of the Perfect cleanser, and has green tea and chamomile extracts in the formula to tame redness. Coming from someone with both sensitive and dry skin, I can attest that this cleansing oil leaves skin balanced and soft.
Dear My Enamel Lips Talk

A huge trend in Korea is subtle lipstick that looks like you just have a hint of color on your lips, and these nourishing lipsticks are the perfect vehicle to achieve that look. They’re super soft and with one swipe, you get a nice soft finish that looks like you just put on a lip tint. With three swipes, the color becomes saturated for a stronger, bolder look.
The formula is made with apricot kernel oil and honey extract to soothe dry lips and glide on smooth. The Enamel Lips Talk also come in five deep red and pink colors that are perfect for getting you in the fall mood.
Dear Girls Big Eyes Maker
etude house big eyes maker
If you couldn’t tell from the name, the whole point of this multi-tasking eyeshadow stick is to give people the impression that your eyes are wider than usual. It’s pretty awesome.
Here’s how you achieve bigger eyes with the Big Eyes Maker: Take the side with the shimmery highlighter shade and gently swipe it under your bottom lids and inside the corners of your eyes. Then flip the stick around and apply the brown shadow on the outer corners of your eyes on both the bottoms and tops of your lids. Lightly blend the colors in and you’ve got a smoky eye that not only looks sultry but creates the best optical illusion.
Help My Finger Essence Spa
etude house help my finger essence spa
This very handy product is kind of like having a mini manicure in your purse with you at all times. Sure, this cuticle brush may be small, but it packs a powerful formula with seaweed extract to fortify and strengthen nails. You can basically say goodbye to hangnails when you use this regularly.
Dear Darling Water Gel Tint
etude house lip tint
Fact: If Charlotte is ever going to take the time to perfect a lipstick look, she’ll most likely use this Etude House lip tint. After trying countless tints, this one is her absolute favorite for its intense abilities to stay on her lips through almost anything, including eating (Bonus: The formula contains pomegranate extract so it doesn’t taste gross when you accidentally ingest it).
These lip tints are really popular in Korea since their angled precise applicator allows them to create a stellar gradient lip look. Plus, at $5, you can easily stock up on two to three colors without breaking the bank.
Air Therapy Air Mask Sheet Masks
etude house sheet masks
If you’re the kind of person who sometimes feels like a traditional sheet mask can feel too thick, you’ll seriously fall in love with these Etude House masks. The sheet is the thinnest and lightest mask I’ve ever tried and the best part is that it doesn’t fall off my face, since the sheet is made to extend all the way up to your ears.
It comes in three versions: Aloe to calm, Strawberry to brighten, and my favorite, Ceramide, which coddles skin with ceramides to build up the skin barrier.
Drawing Show Brush Liner
etude house liquid liner
These days, it’s hard to find a smudge-proof, long-lasting, and super pigmented liquid liner that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. But somehow, Etude House has managed to create a liner that does all three of these things at a $12 price point. The liner comes in either black or brown, and it just may make you give up on your Stila liner.

+ What are the most popular Etude House products you love? Share your picks in the comments!

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