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How and Why to Use a Gemstone Facial Roller

Not sure how to use a jade roller or what the benefits are? We’ve got the insider info!

Jade rolling is a beauty practice that dates back to the seventh century, yet many of us are just discovering the tool, along with quartz facial rollers, now.
Before I fully understood what they do, I already knew I wanted one. Why? Because they’re pretty and crystals and gemstones are part of that whole self-care/wellness movement and I have admittedly drank the Kool-aid. But of course since acquiring my very own rose quartz facial roller from Aquarian Soul, it has sat on my vanity doing just what I guess I bought it for – looking pretty.
I’m often fielding questions from readers and friends about whether or not they should get their own facial rollers, and since I’m clearly not the best person to ask, I consulted with a licensed esthetician for answers.
What Facial Rollers Do
“When used properly, it is a helpful tool to decrease redness and improve circulation,” says Katelin Schebler, a Texas-based esthetician. Another benefit is that they can “reduce puffiness and fluid retention by promoting lymphatic drainage.” And some use them to lift and firm the face, too.
If used cold (you can cool a roller in the refrigerator), facial rollers target redness and when warm, they can be used to apply serum or moisturizer to boost absorption.
The instructions are simple: Start at the center of your face and roll in upward and outward motions. Repeat several times before moving on to the next section.
Some use these rollers with a facial oil, like Solved Skincare’s 100% Organic Golden Jojoba Oil!
soko glam jade roller
Is There a Difference Between Jade and Rose Quartz? 
To those into healing crystals, rose quartz is known as the “love stone” and is said to improve inner beauty, while jade is used for emotional healing and wisdom. But in terms of actual skin benefits and results, there’s no definitive answer. According to Schebler, one potential difference is that “quartz stone deposits age fighting minerals to help improve all over skin health and providing a healthy glow.”
Who Can Benefit From Using One?
“Those who are looking to reduce inflammation and puffiness in their skin” will benefit most from using a jade or quartz facial roller, says Schebler.
How Much Do They Cost?
Most are priced around the $30 mark, though I’ve seen ones that cost $10 (know that at this price point, you might not be getting 100% real jade or quartz), and even $60
Do You Really Need One?
The answer is dependent on a couple of factors:
1. Do you often need to get rid of puffiness and inflammation? While Schebler notes that trained estheticians can perform facial massages and treatments to achieve this without the rollers, someone at home likely won’t be able to get the same results without one.
2. Do you think you’ll actually use it? And if you’re unsure, will you be okay with spending up to $90 on a product that is going sit pretty on your vanity?
If you answered “yes” to the questions above, then I say go for it. And if not, save that money and spend it on a nice dinner or better yet, put it towards a really good facial.
+Have you ever used a face roller? Let us know about your experiences below!

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