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Ascorbyl Glucoside

Based on it’s name, you might have been able to tell that this water soluble antioxidant is a derivative of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. Ascorbyl glucoside, a derivative, combines ascorbic acid with glucose, making it a bit weaker and less potent than vitamin C, but much more stable. On the skin, it breaks down to ascorbic acid, so you can still enjoy all the benefits of the acidic complexion savior in a more gentle way.

Benefits: Ascorbyl glucoside retains the benefits of its stronger relative, ascorbic acid. It brightens, evens out melasma, pigmentation, and scarring, and lends itself to the anti-aging front, as it protects against harmful free radicals.

Skin Types: Due to its gentler formulation, ascorbyl glucoside can be enjoyed by all skin types.

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