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The Game-Changing Moisturizer That Fades 2 Types of Acne Scars in Less Than a Month

In The Klog’s Easydew EX review, you’ll see how this innovative cream uses medical grade level ingredients to totally transform and change skin, especially skin that’s been affected by both boxcar and rolling acne scars.

Easydew EX products use EGF (epidermal growth factors) to actually help promote cell growth. This act of regeneration helps improve a multitude of issues, including wrinkles, pigmentation, and perhaps most importantly, acne scars.
See how the Easydew EX Repair Control Renewal Moisture cream actually helps rebuild Edward’s skin and help diminish his boxcar scars (round scars with sharp edges) and how the moisturizer and the more concentrated Easydew EGF Repair Control EGF spot treatment cream helped heal Jessica’s rolling scars (scars that create dark spots and uneven skin tone).

Edward’s skin before starting Easydew EX:

What kind of skin issues were you dealing with before trying Easydew EX?

For several years, I lived with sensitive, damaged, and overall bad skin. I broke out without fail if I didn’t get exactly nine hours of sleep, ate anything other than green-hued food with not a shred of grease, and never touched my face. Adding on top of this issue was the fact that the skin at my temple and around my eyes bore the ravages of this endless struggle with acne. Those areas exhibited deep, pock-mark acne scars that had permanently become a part of my facade.

Other than that, I also had scars here and there. But these did not disfigure the surface of my face as did the ones near my eyes.
Why were you excited to try Easydew EX?
I was excited to use this product as I’ve typically only found products to treat my active acne, but have not found anything to actually improve my existing scars. I didn’t think that that was even an option, so I was very delighted to find that the Easydew products were able to improve.

What is it like using the product? What are your tips for application?

Easydew EX Moisturizer is well, easy to use. The smell is light and not medicinal, and it is easily absorbed by the skin without an oily after-feeling. I generally squeeze a bead the size of a skittle or M&M, and then apply it to my face- starting with the trouble areas near my eyes. A small amount is all you need.

How did your skin react at first? How did it change over time?

I began using Easydew about a month ago as the moisturizer component in my face care routine. I didn’t really see any adverse reaction by my skin when I first used it, which is actually a good sign because my sensitive skin would flare up in the past at the slightest provocation or change in product. Over time, I started noticing that my skin looked radiant and glowy. For years, I was not proud of my skin and for the first time in a long time, I began receiving compliments on my skin from other people.

How did your skin change overall? 

I feel that overall, my skin tone has become more even.  Most importantly, those ever-present seemingly permanent scars near my eyes looked as if they were becoming more shallow and uniformly toned in color with the rest of my face.
What is your skin like now?

Currently, my skin is still far from the smooth and uninterrupted perfection that we all wish to obtain. However, I say without hesitation that it is noticeably more healthy-looking. It’s much brighter and glows. And the defects are much less visible.
What’s the best thing about Easydew EX and what is the worst thing about it?

The best thing about this product is that it is effective without overpowering. Many facial products contain strong ingredients that cause more harm than benefit. An application of Easydew feels like putting on a light layer of moisturizer that is quickly forgotten because it is absorbed rapidly. Honestly, I can’t think of a bad thing about Easydew, as it is as effective as I expected, and more.

How does it compare to other products that you’ve tried to heal your acne scars? 

I’ve used many, many skin care products for my issues. Some burned my skin. Others dried it. And still a significant amount of others caused even worse breakouts. After a month of use, Easydew has done none of that. Instead, its become an indispensable part of my routine. I look forward every day and night to applying it to my skin, knowing that this mild moisturizer actually works, and will hopefully leave me with a scar-free face one day.

What is your skin care routine and how do you incorporate Easydew EX into it?

I use the Banila Co Clean It Zero, Skinfood Benton Tea Tree Bubble Cleanser, Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner, Missha First Treatment Essence Mist, Triple C Lightning Liquid, and then the Easydew EX Repair Control Renewal Moisture cream, and COSRX Acne Patches for spot treatments.

Jessica’s experience with Easydew EX:

What kind of skin issues were you dealing with before trying the Easydew EX Repair Control Moisturizer & Repair Control EGF?
I was dealing with hormonal acne for the last few months. Luckily, with the use of some Dr. Oracle products and a change in my prescription medication, my skin began to clear up. Now, I was left with underlying redness in my complexion and severe acne scarring along both cheeks and forehead. I also just started using a retinol treatment prescribed by my dermatologist and was starting to see flaking, dry spots and red patches around my face, especially around the lower and upper cheeks, temples and mouth areas.  

Why were you excited to try Easydew EX?
When I heard that it was a new technology that’s safe for sensitive skin types and targets acne scars I needed to try it because my skin is sensitive, so much that vitamin C would sometimes irritate my skin and I hadn’t been able to find an effective solution for my hyperpigmentation until now.
How did your skin react at first? How did it change over time? How did your skin change overall?
My skin is super sensitive and I have had breakouts or reactions from a lot of products before. So I spot tested both products on my left jawline for a few days. When I was sure my skin was fine with the products, I began to apply over my entire face.
The moisturizer has a gel-like consistency so it absorbed fairly quickly into my skin. 

The EGF cream is a bit heavier but I was only applying a small amount on targeted areas so I wasn’t bothered by it.

The first week I noticed an overall brightening of my complexion and significant reduction in redness. My skin was also much more dewy and supple, but without feeling oily. The flaking went away after two days. I would apply the Easydew products (moisturizer then EGF cream) underneath the retinol treatment every time I used it and this way, I didn’t wake up with dry patches anymore. But not a ton changed with my acne scars. 
The third week is really when I started to see a difference in the darkness of my scars—they were finally fading from a bright red to a light brown color, but they were still apparent enough that you can see them through my foundation.
By week four, my skin started to improve drastically. It was less red, had less scarring, was brighter, smoother, dewy, and hydrated. My skin hasn’t felt or looked this good in over a year.

I find myself wearing less foundation and make up overall. I used to pile on at least two coats of foundation plus a spot concealer for the scars. Now, I am just using one coat of foundation. For the first time in a long time I am receiving compliments on my skin, which feels amazing.
What’s the best thing about Easydew EX products and what’s the worst?
The best thing would be that they actually work! And I haven’t had a negative reaction to any of the products, which is no easy feat for my sensitive skin. The worst thing would probably be that I can see myself running through the EGF cream and moisturizer in less than two months, which isn’t the worst thing, but they are not the cheapest products. I think they’re worth the investment though, since I’ve tried a lot of different things for my acne scars and these have by far been the most effective.
How does Easydew EX compare to other products you’ve tried for your sensitive skin and acne scars? 
They are much gentler. My skin can’t handle many types of remedies that help with hyperpigmentation. These have been effective but also very calming on my skin. And I do feel like this product is working overtime in that it not only has helped with fading my acne scars, but also helped give my skin an overall makeover. My skin is smoother, dewier, and more hydrated. Plus, my complexion is brighter and less red.
What is your skin care routine and how do you incorporate Easydew EX into it?
My skin routine is as follows: Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity, COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser, Simple Micellar Make-Up Remover Wipes, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner, Dr. Oracle A-Thera Emulsion, Easydew EX Repair Control Moisturizer, Easydew EX Repair Control EGF.

+ What do you think of our Easydew EX review? Would you want to try these products? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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