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Everything you Need to Know About Easydew EX, the Groundbreaking Brand for Acne Scars and Wrinkles

If you’re well-versed in skin care, you know that anti-aging isn’t about putting on a rich, overpriced cream and praying for the best. Instead, the better approach is to do your research and find the best ingredient for your skin.
That’s why the launch of Easydew EX in the US is especially exciting: It’s the first time that such a high concentration of EGF, a miracle worker for wrinkles and pigmentation, is available directly to consumers in the US market. 
Since you may have a lot of questions about this healing ingredient, we reached out to Easydew EX to answer the biggest questions you may have.

What is DW-EGF?

As a recap, EGF is a type of protein that promotes DNA synthesis and cell proliferation. Because it encourages cell growth and helps repair wounds, you can think of it as a healing factor for your body. For your skin, EGF has many benefits, including wrinkle improvement, hydration, and pigmentation prevention.
Though EGF is naturally present in the body, the level of EGF in your body sharply drops when you hit around 29, making it harder for your skin to repair itself. That’s why it’s important to supplement your skin cells with products formulated with EGF.
DW-EGF, the EGF used in Easydew EX products, is designed to function exactly the same as naturally occurring EGF. DW-EGF, named after Daewoong Pharmaceutical, the creator of Easydew EX, has obtained 34 patents in 23 countries. You can find DW-EGF in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary (ICID) under the name “Sh-Oligopeptide-1”, which is how it’s listed in Easydew EX’s ingredient list. DW-EGF is also registered with the World Health Organization under the international nonproprietary name of Nepidermin.

What does “medical grade” EGF mean?

Easydew EX is the only skin care line that contains medical grade, rather than cosmetic grade, EGF. DW-EGF has a structure that is 99.5% similar to the naturally occurring EGF, so it has the highest purity of EGF in the market.
Due to its healing benefits, in addition to wrinkle care, EGF is used to heal wounds during hair transplants and dermatitis following radiation exposure.
What’s more, in Korea, the maximum amount of EGF allowed by KFDA is 50ppm for drugs and 10ppm for cosmetics. The Easydew EX Repair Control EGF, one of the products in the Easydew EX line, contains 10ppm of EGF, which means that it contains the maximum amount of EGF allowed for a cosmetic product to give you maximum results.
The introduction of Easydew EX to Soko Glam is the first time that such a high concentration of EGF is available in the US.

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Despite the fact that Easydew EX products use medical grade EGF, at the end of the day, they’re designed for cosmetic use. They have gone through multiple tests for skin sensitivity and are in fact optimized for sensitive skin.
EGF naturally encourages collagen synthesis, so adding Easydew EX products to your routine is an excellent way to fight wrinkles without experiencing irritation.

Is it safe for pregnancy?

Yes, DW-EGF is considered safe for pregnancy. Many Korean women use it as a protective treatment for stretch marks.

Is it vegan?

DW-EGF is created in a lab with no human or animal-derived ingredients, including recombinant DNA. It’s simply designed to function like naturally occurring EGF based on its amino acid sequence.
Once the DW-EGF gene is synthesized based on the blueprint of naturally occurring EGF, the DW-EGF gene is then inserted into a vector, which in this case is the plasmid of E. coli bacteria. This bacteria is then transformed and cultured for gene expression, resulting in DW-EGF proteins. The DW-EGF proteins are then cleaned and checked for quality before being put into the formula.

EGF promotes angiogenesis. Does that mean it’ll cause cancer?

No. Studies have shown that there is no effect between EGF and cancer formation. Some studies even show that EGF doesn’t stimulate tumor growth but instead suppresses the tumor.
In fact, Easydew EX products have been used on cancer patients at hospitals in Korea for over 10 years. Cancer patients receiving radiation therapy or taking anti-cancer drugs often have a rash on their skin or other types of skin damage due to the side effects. In this case, Easydew EX helps regenerate that damaged skin barrier, which is why it’s also used after laser treatments and other aesthetic treatments to repair skin barrier.  

Which skin type are Easydew EX products for?

The Easydew EX Repair Control line is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. In terms of skin concerns, it’s best for those who want to improve wrinkles, brighten pigmentation, and fade acne scars.

Can you use it with other products, such as retinol?

Easydew EX products are safe to combine with other products in your routine, including acids and prescription products like retinol. They actually help your actives work better by increasing their absorption rate.

Which Easydew EX product should I add to my routine?

For those looking for an easy way to start using an EGF product, the answer is the Repair Control Renewal Moisture, a lightweight moisturizer you can use morning and night. It’s packed with EGF as well as niacinamide and adenosine to smooth and even out skin, as well as centella to calm redness and irritation. It’s a hassle-free product that effectively evens out your skin and fights wrinkles, meaning that if your current moisturizer does nothing more than hydrate your skin, this would be the moisturizer you need to upgrade to.
For those looking for a concentrated treatment, the Repair Control Active Soothing Serum is a great choice. Because it looks and feels like a gel, you might wonder how effective it can really be. But don’t let the lightweight texture deceive you: It’s packed with EGF, adenosine, and niacinamide to brighten scars and smooth skin, as well as a mix of hyaluronic acid, allatoin, and panthenol to hydrate the skin. It’s a cooling treatment you can use morning and night that also helps boost the effects of other products in your routine.
Lastly, the Repair Control EGF is a spot treatment. It’s perfect for those targeting a specific area, such as the wrinkles on your forehead and neck or acne scars on your cheeks. It contains the maximum amount of EGF allowed by KFDA’s standards for cosmetics. The high concentration of EGF speeds up skin repair, and it uses caffeine, ceramides, sodium hyaluronate, and argan oil to de-puff and moisturize the skin. Like the other two Easydew EX products, it’s extremely lightweight. A little bit goes a long way, and it’s perfect for travel.

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