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The Peeling Stick That Will Make Your Pimple Patch Work Faster

In our Dr. Oracle Peeling Stick review, you’ll discover how it helps the boost the effectiveness of your beloved pimple patches.

There’s almost nothing worse than that immediate dread you get when you feel a cystic pimple about to emerge. You know what I’m talking about. All of a sudden you press on your chin and there’s that pain. For me, it’s not just the pain. It’s the realization of what I’m going to have to deal with for the next two weeks of my life.
Here’s a brief preview: Once the soreness of a cystic pimple comes, I know that I will spend the next few days going through tons of pimple patches waiting for it to come to a head. Then I’ll spend another three to four days endlessly slapping on pimple patches to help suck up all the gunk, all the time wishing I could just squeeze the pimple but knowing that if I attempt to do that it will make it so much worse (I’ve made this mistake many times). Finally, the pimple will subside and sink back into my skin, and then I’ll have to deal with the scarring.
Fun, right? But what if I told you that I discovered a product that actually helps cystic pimples go away faster and actually speeds up the magic powers of a pimple patch? Yup, the Dr. Oracle A-thera Tea Tree Peeling Stick does that. Read on to discover what makes this new acne product so special.
What it is:
The Dr. Oracle A-thera Tea Tree Peeling Stick isn’t your typical exfoliator. It’s not an acid toner and it’s not a peeling pad. It’s basically a massive Q-tip packed with a bunch of different acids:
dr oracle peeling stick
While the design is super fun, it’s not just for shock value. The Q-tip applicator allows for precise targeting, making sure you really attack blemishes and areas of cystic acne with a concentrated acid formula.
This peeling stick packs a huge punch when it comes to acne-fighting acids. In the top three ingredients are lactic acid and glycolic acid, both of which work to resurface skin and remove dead skin cells, and are  amazing ingredients for helping to keep skin clean and acne-free, but also for preventing wrinkles. The addition of bamboo extract and tea tree extract in the peeling stick allows for soothing exfoliation benefits from natural sources.
I’ll admit: I was kind of nervous to put this intense of a formula on my sensitive skin, but when it comes to getting rid of cystic acne, I’ll try just about anything. And the blend of stronger acids (like glycolic) with more gentle acids, like the BHA found in wintergreen extract, make this stick a suitable choice for skin that can get easily irritated. I’ve used these sticks five times now and I’ve never had any additional flare-ups or irritation.
How to use it:
oracle peeling stick
While the formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin, it does have a good amount of acids in it, and you never want to over-exfoliate (this could cause more acne!), so I suggest using the stick no more than two to three times a week. Also, there’s no need to use it all over your face (although, you could definitely do this if you have less sensitive skin and you’d like to use the stick as an overall anti-aging exfoliator). Just apply it your T-zone area or just on the areas where you have active acne. Lightly sweep the swab over your skin in gentle motions:

Once you’re done, toss it in the trash, and then wait a few minutes for the chemical exfoliants to go to work on your pimples. Then follow up with the rest of your routine. I like to apply toner and then throw on a COSRX Acne Master Pimple Patch on my hormonal pimple.
Why it makes your pimple patch work faster:
So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I actually learned of this Dr. Oracle Peeling Stick hack from Jessica, Soko Glam’s merchant and curation manager, who says that her hormonal pimples would heal so much faster after using the combination of the peeling stick and a pimple patch. This is because the peeling stick exfoliates skin just enough to help calmly bring the pus of the cystic pimple to the surface. “The chemical exfoliants in the peeling sticks make my cystic acne come up to the surface so that the head of the pimple is open and then the pimple patch has an opening to suck out the pus,” says Jessica.
It sounds kind of gross, but you know how remarkable this discovery is if you suffer from cystic acne. It usually takes about a week for my cystic pimples to flatten when I simply put a pimple patch on it, but the Dr. Oracle Peeling Stick helps accelerate the healing process by opening up the pimple and letting the patch suck up the excess sebum much faster—so much faster that a mild cystic blemish I had cleared up in three days with this combination.
Bottom line:
In essence, the Dr. Oracle Peeling Stick actually helps you get around the whole rule that you shouldn’t pop your cystic acne. Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely should not go at your cystic pimple with your fingers, but by swiping this peeling stick on it, you’ll get to naturally “pop” it.
And the best part is that all skin types can try this hack. Dr. Oracle is a brand that is made for acne-prone sensitive skin so you’ll no longer face the dilemma of having to choose between using harsh acne products that get rid of your pimples but leave you with dry patches and irritation or just not using acne products at all. With this peeling stick, you’ll actually feel comfortable exfoliating your hormonal acne. Once you see how fast it clears up your skin, you’ll realize why I find this product so groundbreaking.

+ Have you tried the Dr. Oracle Peeling Stick? What’s your hack for getting rid of hormonal acne faster? Let me know in the comments!

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