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5 Different Ways to Use Your Beauty Water

By now, you know that one of our favorite (and Best of K-beauty winning) products is the Son & Park Beauty Water. Find out all the different ways you can maximize this versatile cleansing water below!

I’ve used Beauty Water for quite some time as a toner on my face, and have absolutely fallen in love. But where the real beauty (pun intended) lies in this product is in its ability to multitask. Beauty Water is practically an entire skin care routine in a bottle and can be used in so many different ways and on different parts of the body.
Use one: As a pH balancing toner
beauty water
This is one of the most common uses of Beauty Water in the skin care regimen. After using an acidic cleanser (or any other treatment that may unbalance your skin), it’s vital to follow up with a toner that will re-balance your skin back to its natural pH level (usually around 5.5).
Beauty Water has a gentle pH level of 5, which means it’s perfect for resetting your skin. It’s also formulated with ingredients—like rosewater and orange fruit extract—that hydrate the skin and replenish any moisture that may have been stripped away while cleansing and exfoliating. These ingredients and the water’s gentle pH makes Beauty Water great for sensitive skin.
Use two: As a micro-exfoliator
beauty water
This is one of my favorite benefits of this product! Beauty Water is formulated with both willow bark and papaya extracts to gently micro-exfoliate the skin and ensure your skin remains clear of dead skin cells and surface impurities. Since it’s a micro-exfoliator, it’s gentle enough for everyday use.
I love this aspect of the product because exfoliation is one of the best things to do after you shave, pluck, or wax hair off your skin, so every time I shave my face or pluck my eyebrows, I love to follow up afterwards with Beauty Water to ensure I lift off any remaining hair follicles, dead skin, or impurities.
I also love to also use Beauty Water on my legs! There’s nothing more irritating than ingrown hairs on legs, so immediately after shaving and before putting on moisturizer, I douse a cotton pad with Beauty Water and run it across both legs. This helps prevent ingrown hairs, soothes irritation, and softens and hydrates the skin. The same can be done after you pluck or wax eyebrows, armpits, or anywhere else you remove hair.
Use three: As an on-the-go-cleanser
This use of Beauty Water is perfect for when you have to endure a long travel day stuck in a germ-infested airport and a dry airplane. In travel settings, my skin wants nothing more than a quick cleanse and reset to keep it clear and hydrated so I always carry a small bottle of Beauty Water with a cotton pad every time I fly.
Like I said, this stuff is practically an entire skin care routine in one bottle, so it’s the perfect do-all solution. It’s a micellar water that uses micelles (small oil molecules) to to actively remove dirt, pollutants, and surface impurities, while ingredients like papaya extract gently cleanse the skin. This—paired with the gentle exfoliation—always leaves my skin feeling clear and clean, even mid-flight. Plus, it’s so hydrating and leaves my skin so moist and balanced that I don’t always feel like I need to follow up with a moisturizer.
Use four: As a summer spritzer
beauty water
Similar to how I use Beauty Water on the plane, it’s also great to carry in your bag as a spritzer. All you have to do is just pour the Beauty Water into a small spray bottle (I bought mine at Muji). When you’re on the go and surrounded by pollutants and free radicals, nothing is better than spraying on Beauty Water and clearing away impurities. Plus, during the heat of the summer, having a midday refresher like this is a must to refresh and cool skin.
Use five: As a makeup remover
As mentioned above, Beauty Water is a micellar water, which means it’s also super effective at removing makeup. It uses micelles along with its other cleansing ingredients to break down makeup and gently sweep impurities off the skin.
This is great to use right before working out (you should never exercise with your makeup on) or as a follow up to your double cleanse to ensure every last bit of makeup is removed from your skin. It can also be used as a tool to clean up mascara and eyeliner transfer throughout the day, or to fix any liner mistakes: Just douse a Q-tip with Beauty Water and gently remove the makeup from your skin. This method prevents tugging at the eye area, helping to avoid premature wrinkling.

+ Whats your favorite way to use Beauty Water? Share with us below!

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