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Camille Rose Hair Tips

Textured Hair Care Tips from Janell Stephens of Camille Rose Naturals

If you have hair that is at all textured, you know how difficult and time intensive it can be to keep it healthy and hydrated! We chatted with Janell Stephens of Camille Rose Naturals for expert tips, including the key product categories and ingredients you need to give dull or tired hair the boost it needs to look and feel its best. 

What ingredients are key for bouncy soft hair?

The number one ingredient for bouncy hair that is moisturized is water! It cleans, moisturizes, and hydrates hair that is lacking in these areas. Adding water to your hair frequently will allow your hair to have bounce and stretch. It also acts as a detangler and removes build-up which allows the hair to feel soft and supple. 

How does a curly hair routine differ from that of other hair types?

Curly hair requires much more moisture than straight hair types due to the “spring” factor which can cause the hair to break easier and shrink more. It’s also more likely to look frizzier than other hair patterns and types. Most people who have natural curls find that using the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method is extremely helpful to keep hair nourished and healthy. Incorporating this method helps with locking in moisture, which in turn increases the strength and growth of your hair. 

Do you stand by the “Curly Girl Method” or do you think there’s more to it?

When I transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair, the Curly Girl Method was what I relied on. However, as I got to learn my hair I had to make a few adjustments. The Curly Girl Method focuses on avoiding silicones & sulfates and it encourages co-washing the hair, which is only washing with conditioners. That being said, there ARE certain silicones (water-soluble) that I like and that are important to use within your hair care routine, especially if you straighten your hair sometimes. Silicones can help with sealing the bonds in your hair after heat is applied. A few good silicones that I like are Stearoxy Dimethicone and Behenoxy Dimethicone. Another change for me was using an adapted co-wash technique to clean my hair. I now know that it is very important to wash your hair and to clean your scalp with a sulfate-free shampoo. You want to get rid of all of the buildup that may be left towards the roots of your hair and on your scalp due to product usage over time. A clean scalp will lead to healthy, bouncy hair! 

What product(s) do you recommend for when hair is really not cooperating?

When your hair looks lifeless, dull, and is lacking luster, you need a hair reset. My go-to treatment for this is a cholesterol treatment that is curly/natural girl friendly! This helps restore much-needed moisture back into your curls. A favorite cholesterol treatment is the Buritti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment by Camille Rose! It is handcrafted with Buriti fruit oil, Omega 3,6,9, Beta Carotene, and Cocoa Seed Butter!

How often should you really be washing your hair?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to how often you should wash your hair. I think you should always do what is best for your hair. Everyone’s hair is different. Some hair gets oilier than others, which causes the hair to look and appear weighted down. In that case, washing more often can be beneficial. Other textures can hold their styles longer or appear shinier if they wash less. So it’s definitely up to you and what your hair likes!

How connected are hair/ scalp care and skin care?

Healthy hair follicles are critical when it comes to hair growth and healthy hair! After all, your follicles are in direct contact with your skin and scalp. If your hair follicles are suffering from not being properly cleaned and nourished, this can lead to thinning hair (dying follicles) or becoming damaged and frequent breakage or brittleness. If your follicles are not healthy, the hair will not and cannot grow. Here are a few things you can do to transform your scalp: Always shampoo! Our Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse ($12.00) is made with Ginger Root which naturally cleanse and clarifies the scalp with its antiseptic properties. We infuse Aniseed Oil into the product which moisturizes to relieve dry scalp and promote hair growth. The Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse is sold at and in Target stores. 

Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse

What advice do you have for managing hair between cuts?

There are many cute styles you can rock between haircuts. Mine is the high bun and the good ole ponytail! The “sloppy” bun has become popular too. You can easily dress it up with cute hoops and lipgloss. I think the days of hair spray and having every strand in place are gone. People are wanting to make life as simple and comfortable as possible, including their hair care. As for the ponytail, this is one style that will never be outdated and will forever be cute. 

How is hair care a form of self care?

Hair care is self care. Self care is taking time to pay attention to your needs and wants. How you care for your hair is like a gift you are giving to yourself. You’re investing in YOU! Our lives have become so busy that it’s easy to neglect ourselves. It’s extremely important to do things that make you feel less stressed. Things like a simple scalp massage, deep conditioning, or steam treatments can awaken your follicles, which in turn can stimulate hair growth and ultimately leads to more confidence in yourself. Maintaining the health of our hair, mind, and body is essential to living our best life. 

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