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The Best Korean Skin Care Tips For The Fall

In Seoul, seasons are quite dramatic. During summer, temperatures soar and the humidity feels like you’re sitting in a 100 degree sauna. In the winter, temperatures plummet while you walk face-first into cold winds, icy rain and snowfall. Despite the not-so-pleasant conditions, women in Korea somehow still manage to look bright and dewy, whether it is autumn or summer.

The Korean beauty secret I’ve learned is that it’s imperative to tweak your skincare routine so that it is right for every season. Much like your closet changes with the weather, you should arm yourself with the right products to maintain that flawless, healthy glow all year long. So take the autumn as a warm up for what’s coming next and follow these skin care tips so that your biggest concern is picking up that cup of pumpkin spiced latte.

Mist Yourself Regularly Throughout The Day
When exposed to colder, dry temperatures, your skin is in a way more fragile state. I recommend having a mist at your desk to refresh your face from time to time. With heaters on full blast, it’s easy for your skin to lose its natural moisture balance.

Another misting tip is to spray yourself with a hydrating mist right after you come out of a hot shower so that you can seal in the moisture and avoid that tight, cracked feeling you get after being under hot water. And don’t settle for just any mist: Make sure you’re using one that has truly hydrating ingredients such as birch juice.

E Nature has a great hydrating mist that contains 91% birch juice, a winning ingredient that will leave your skin craving more. You also get bonus points if it mist adds brightening ingredients such as licorice extract, like the Missha First Treatment Essence Mist.

Exfoliate The Flakes Away
One of the most stubborn skin concerns in the fall and winter is dry, flaky skin. For me, flakes are persistently found around the nose because I’m always blowing it with a tissue due to the cold weather. The best way to maintain a smooth complexion is by physically exfoliating regularly with scrubs to gently slough away dead skin cells. While there is no magic number, I personally up my exfoliation game to 3 times a week but, that being said, you should find your exfoliation sweet spot based on your skin type.

For sensitive skin types and matcha lovers, try the Erborian Perfect Morning BB Mask. For a double dose of exfoliation (both chemical and physical exfoliation), try the Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea.

Eye Creams Are Your Best Friend
It’s clear to see that the skin around your peepers are the thinnest and the most prone to wrinkling up and showing off dark circles. In the colder seasons, my fine lines and dark circles are even more pronounced. It’s safe to say I wouldn’t be able to last the season without a moisturizing eye cream to coat and protect this sensitive area. That’s why every morning and night I use an eye cream to fortify the area with some extra moisture and nutrients that will keep me looking fresh and alert. I also like to wear eye masks before going to holiday parties—it helps me getting the perfect glowing look without having to overdo on my highlighter.

For anti-aging benefits, try the Erborian Ginseng Total Infusion Eye. It contains tiny ginseng capsules that burst upon application, offering you all the benefits of fresh ginseng. Or, the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream, which hydrates your eye area intensely with collagen and Baobab oils.

+ Hey you! Share your go-to fall and winter skin tips with us by commenting below!

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