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Acwell’s Acclaimed pH Balancing Line Keeps Getting Better

 Is their new serum formulation an alternative to harsher vitamin C staples? (We think so)

For years, vitamin C’s dominated the skin care industry. Touted as the end all-be all for brightening concerns, the antioxidant practically lives in every bottle that lines shelves in drugstores.

But, vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is finicky. It may be considered “unstable” in liquid form, which means that even the slightest formulation or packaging miscalculation can degrade the ingredient’s quality. It can even decrease in effectiveness if exposed to air or sun consistently. Beyond this, ascorbic acid can just be way too harsh for sensitive skin types, even in its lowest of percentages. 

When it comes to gentle brightening ingredients, the Asian skin care market excels. They’ve tapped into traditional ingredients, like Korean hnabang, and created efficacious skin care formulas that tackle dull skin while also nourishing.

One of these ingredients? Licorice root extract. (Yes, that licorice.)

This traditional Korean ingredient effectively brightens without all the hold-ups that vitamin C has.

According to our licorice deep-dive the ingredient “works to inhibit the production of an enzyme needed to produce pigment (aka melanin) in the skin, ultimately slowing down the production of melanin in the skin.” On top of all that pigment stopping goodness, licorice also contains an enzyme that encourages the dispersing of pigmented cells, which helps to fade pre-existing dark spots.

One of the brands at the forefront of traditional and innovative ingredient exploration, Acwell, popularized the brightening effects of licorice root extract in the American K-beauty scene.

Recently, the brand distilled the brightening effects of this secret efficacious Korean staple into serum form. Their new Licorice pH Balancing Advance Serum combines a conscious pH level with all the goodness of licorice root extract AND licorice root water. Seeking to be as sensitive skin friendly as possible, the formula also contains no added fragrance or color and is free of parabens, silicone, sulfates, alcohol, essential oils and mineral oils.

The results? Brightened and nourished skin, without any hint of irritation. 

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