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The Cotton Pads That Save Me Money and Changed My Skin Routine Forever

How can the White Rabbit Cotton Pads save you money? Keep reading to find out why these versatile pads are a literal game-changer for your skin care routine. We asked a Klog ambassador (a dedicated reader who loves trying skin care) to test the cotton pads for two weeks and share his honest opinions.

Meet Dev. He previously tested The Plant Base ampoule for us, and this time, he tested the White Rabbit Plain Cotton Pads and realized they are anything but plain. Keep reading to discover (in his own words) how much he loves them.
So my skin has the tendency to be problematic. Sometimes even a simple thing like trying a new sheet mask will set off a war between me and some pesky breakouts. Due to that, I’m always careful of some sheet masks I purchase. I’m always checking the ingredients and reading reviews. Some can be pretty pricey, as well, which is why I wish I could make my own.
Here’s where things get creative, so get ready! Why not make your own sheet mask? All it takes is your favorite toner/essence and the right cotton pads. I’ve seen videos all over the internet with people DIY-ing their very own sheet masks but I’ve also seen them struggle with application due to the size of the cotton pads themselves, which is understandable because these types of cotton pads weren’t designed to be used to anything other than applying skin care within a few swipes and that’s it. In comes our saving grace…the White Rabbit Cotton Pads!

These have been a staple for many Korean women for a while now and I’m so surprised that it’s taken this long to get my attention, because if you know me, you know I’m always trying new cotton pads from MANY brands. Asian, European, and the common American drugstore brands, you name it, I’ve tried it. Some are either too thin, too abrasive, or are just so thick that they soak up product without properly redistributing it onto the skin.
The first time I tried the White Rabbit Cotton Pads I used it in my morning routine to quickly cleanse my skin from the night before with a cleansing water, as I usually prefer this method of cleansing in the A.M versus using a water-based cleanser. My first impression was, “Wow, it didn’t leave little pieces behind” (which is another problem I have with traditional pads) and it didn’t drink up all of the cleansing water and left none to hydrate my skin. That was very well appreciated and I was impressed!

Next up was to see if these guys can take on the idea of a DIY sheet mask. That night, I pulled out two of the cotton pads, Cut then into my desired shape, placed them into a small bowl and chose to saturate them with the Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence, which is a personal favorite of mine due to its thicker consistency and its ability to hydrate so well.
I really wanted to see what it could so to my skin if I had my very own sheet mask featuring this highly-coveted essence. I didn’t want to go overboard and try to recreate a whole entire sheet mask, so I applied it to the areas where I needed the most hydration, like my under-eyes and cheeks. Cutting the cotton pads into little under eye patches was tricky, but once you get one down, you can basically start making them for everyone you know!

The pads stood in place for the entire duration of 20 minutes and didn’t dry out as quickly as some sheet masks I’ve tried tend to. I even unfolded one and placed it on my neck because we all know that’s one place we all end up forgetting about. Take care of your neck people, it deserves some love too!

In the end of the two weeks I’ve been using the White Rabbit cotton pads I’m pretty impressed with them because they’re not just your average cotton pad. I’ll take these multipurpose pads over any traditional cotton round. They’ve gotten this skin care lover’s seal of approval and I honestly can’t wait to see what other skin care hacks I can come up with using them for again.

+ Do you want to try the White Rabbit Cotton Pads? Let us know how you would use them below!

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