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This Viral K-Beauty Brand Sells a Product Every 20 Seconds

Meet Aestura, Korea’s #1 dermatologist-recommended skincare brand.

Chances are, you’ve come across Aestura on your social media feeds with skincare fans  raving about the Atobarrier line. The brand is widely popular in Korea across both the public (with a product sold every 20 seconds!) and across the medical field (their clinically-backed products are staples in Korean hospitals and clinics). Discover the brand’s range of best-selling products and be sure to add them to your routine, stat!

Why you’ll love Aestura:

Aestura Atobarrier: Your Skin’s BFF for Deep Hydration and Barrier Love 

Struggling with dry, sensitive skin? Aestura’s Atobarrier range is powered by ceramides, a star ingredient that aids in building a healthy skin barrier. Think of your skin barrier as a brick wall – ceramides hold everything together, keeping moisture in and irritants out. 

Atobarrier365 Cream $31.99

This luxurious cream offers 120 hours of hydration thanks to its gentle capsulated ceramide technology. 

Atobarrier365 Hydro Essence$28.99

This essence mimics your skin’s natural moisture factors, providing deep hydration and a beautiful dewy glow. 

Atobarrier365 Lotion $31.99

With a lightweight formula ideal for warmer weather, this lotion absorbs quickly, delivering serious hydration without any greasiness. 

A-Cica 365 Blemish Calming Serum – $38.99

Combining Centella  Asiatica with advanced microbiome technology and added Niacinamide, this serum is perfect for reducing redness and blemishes while soothing your skin. 

Learn more about barrier repair here.

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