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The Science of Anti-Aging: Exploring IOPE’s Innovative Take on Retinol

As a passionate K-Beauty enthusiast in the ever-evolving landscape of skincare, I find myself drawn to the incredible stories behind the products we use and cherish. I was reminded of the creativity and innovation that goes into every skincare routine as I got a peek into the world of IOPE’s Lab. Their breadth of expertise in research including artificial intelligence, sustainable technologies, biotechnology, human-centered design, and data science and analytics enables them to identify the most effective treatments for a variety of skin conditions.

You’re probably asking “What makes IOPE’s retinol based skincare so unique?”  

Retinol stabilization by IOPE began its journey in 1994, when the skincare industry was just starting to explore the potential of this powerful and potent ingredient. Over the years, this journey has culminated in the development of multi-award-winning retinols, celebrated for their ability to deliver remarkable results in as little as 2 weeks. 

What’s the difference between Retinol Retinol Super Bounce Serum and Retinol Expert 0.1%?

To understand the difference, let’s first dive deeper into the difference between retinoids and retinol. Both are forms of Vitamin A which help with skin cell turnover and provide anti-aging results. However, the turnover of retinol is more slow therefore it might take longer to see results and are less strong than retinoids.

Retinol Super Bounce Serum is best if you are just starting on your retinol journey or have sensitive skin. It contains both pure retinol that is quickly activated after applying the serum, and encapsulated retinol which slowly releases into the skin. It has a low irritant potential, but maintains all of its efficacy.

Retinol Expert 0.1% is best if you are ready for a more advanced retinol regimen as it has a higher concentration of pure retinol. However, IOPE has included hyaluronic acid in the formula to keep skin deeply moisturized while reducing wrinkles.

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Retinol Expert 0.1%’ and the ‘Retinol Super Bounce Serum.’

Retinol Expert 0.1% $80

Over 27 years ago, this trusted 10th generation retinol was developed. Pure retinol 0.1% is used in this effective anti-aging serum to enhance the look of aged skin. It further ensures top-tier results with an innovative three-stage oxygen barrier system within the product packaging that prevents oxidation of retinol by light and air. Clinical studies found that just two weeks of usage resulted in the following significant anti-aging advantages:

  • 15.4% reduction in under-eye wrinkles 
  • 6.3% increase in firmness below the eyes
  • 26.8% increase in under-eye density density 
  • 26.1% reduction in nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • 7.5% increase in nasolabial firmness
  • 25.2% increase in nasolabial density

Retinol Super Bounce Serum $50

This Korean-style retinol is perfect for sensitive skin – no adjustment period is needed. It uses Radio Frequency technology for a bouncier complexion. What’s particularly unique about this serum is its blend of pure retinol, encapsulated retinol, Granactive Retinoid ™, and Bio-Seletinoid ™ that work to improve skin firmness. It is infused with cypress leaf for a gentle, moisturizing feel. Clinical studies have proven these significant anti-aging advantages within just 4 weeks of use: 

  • 10.6% increase in cheek firmness 
  • 10.3% decrease in wrinkles around the lips
  • 12.5% increase in firmness on skin surrounding pores

IOPE’s  dedication to research and innovation has led to the creation of exceptional retinol-based skincare products that cater to a wide range of skin needs. The ‘Retinol Expert 0.1%’ and the ‘Retinol Super Bounce Serum’ are shining examples of their commitment to delivering real results. For those seeking transformative skincare experiences, these products are available at Soko Glam, offering a chance to embrace the power of IOPE’s retinol expertise and embark on a journey to healthier, more radiant skin.

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