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How to Stick to Your Skincare Regimen in Three Steps (Seriously!)

How to Stick to Your Skincare Regimen in Three Steps (Seriously!)

If you’ve made a resolution to improve your skincare routine, props to you. Skin is your body’s largest organ, and it deserves TLC every single day. Here’s how to ensure you stay on the bandwagon.

Making a resolution is one thing. Sticking to it? That’s a whole new ball game. The key is making sure you set yourself up for success. That means outlining simple, specific goals that are obtainable and then setting up a strategy that’ll keep the momentum up. We asked skincare experts about their best tips and tricks for ensuring you stay on target in the coming months and way beyond.

Step One: Build a Simple Foundation

One of the best ways to ensure any sort of resolution success is to start small and practical. With skincare, this means building a routine that consists of the basics. For many, that’s cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Use all four in the morning, and the first three every evening.

“It’s like building a quality foundation for your house. Until you have that, you can’t worry about the fancy stuff like hallway sconces,” says Dr. Scott Paviol, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Paviol Dermatology. “Getting into the habit of a skin care routine doesn’t have to be complicated!”

It might take some time to find your hero core products, and that’s OK. Just remember to keep things simple. Doing the opposite can leave you feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed!

Step Two: Get into the Groove

Now that you’ve got your products, get into the habit of using them regularly. Dr. Anna Guanche, a board-certified dermatologist in Calabasas, California, says, “Being consistent with a regimen will create habits and you will also see more results with your skin.”

She recommends setting a twice-daily reminder on your phone, and also keeping your skincare items in a spot you frequent. For example, you can keep some of your products in the shower, next to your toothpaste, or even at your nightstand. The easier you make it on yourself to get into a routine, the better!

Step Three: Up Your Game

After getting into a good routine, you can start to allocate mental energy toward upping your skincare game. This means two things: learning more about the ins and outs of taking care of your skin, and slowly incorporating new products into your regimen.

For example, as you become more educated about skin care you might learn about the importance of vitamin C and add it to your AM regimen. Or you might want to relish in more “me moments” by adding a luxurious sheet mask or facial treatment a couple times a week.

“Feeling relaxed and at ease doesn’t always have to take place at a spa,” says Dr. Paviol. “Incorporate a product that you look forward to using, whether it’s at night, in the morning, or once or twice a week. Choose a product that feels heavenly, smells spa-like, or maybe gives you that extra glow.” Not only will frequent masking and treatment sessions establish your skin care cred, they’ll be something you’re likely to carry out and stick to because these self care moments are something you’ll revel in and enjoy!

These extra bells and whistles—the “sconces,” if you will—are way easier to incorporate once your OG routine is down pat. You’ll also feel more confident in your choices since you already have a better idea of what works for you and how different products can impact skin. We have a ton of ultra-helpful information on pretty much any skincare topic you’re interested in, so have at it and feel free to peruse The Klog’s vast collection of tips and tricks whenever you need.

Like we mentioned, you’ll probably have some hits and misses along the way. Keep with it, and you’ll really reap the rewards of healthy, beautiful skin! 

+ How do you stick to your skin care routine? Let us know below!

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