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The Korean Beauty Ingredient That Transformed this Model’s Bumpy Skin Texture

If you’re looking for the best skin care ingredients for smooth skin texture, look no further than this model-approved K-beauty routine.

Marizza Delgado is a 19-year-old full-time fashion model and part-time student based in New York City. In our Q+A with her, you’ll find out how Marizza uses K-beauty to keep her comedonal acne away for flawless skin on and off camera.
How did you discover K-beauty? 
Being the beauty fan that I am, I relied on YouTube for all my beauty reviews and hacks. From there, I discovered a community of K-beauty YouTubers, like Asia Jackson and Liah Yoo. After watching almost all of their videos dedicated to K-beauty, I was hooked.
What has your skin care journey been like? 

In high school, my skin was covered with severe comedonal acne. To some people, it didn’t look like I had acne because comedonal acne can be flesh-toned, but it definitely felt like it. Every inch of my face was covered with tiny, skin-colored bumps. Back then, I was always insecure about my textured skin and it took a toll on my confidence. I never took pictures up close. If I did, I used Facetune to blur my textured skin and I resorted to piling on makeup to forget that it was there. But even in pictures when I did pile on the makeup, you could see the texture from underneath. 
That all changed when my mother agent told me that a New York agency wanted to sign me. I knew I had to do something about my skin. You know what they say about New York City: “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” and that definitely holds true in modeling. My skin had to be perfect before I went there. So I decided to embark on the 
What are the K-beauty steps and products that changed your skin?
Double cleansing and using snail mucin products.
On double cleansing:
I knew I wanted to try the double cleanse since I constantly have makeup on my face for work. I bought the Banila Co Clean it Zero Classic and Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser.
Before double cleansing, I used to use makeup wipes to clean makeup off my skin. My sensitive skin stung from the alcohol content found in most drugstore wipes, and my eyes would be red from all the harsh rubbing. When I first heard of the double cleanse, I was a little skeptical to put an oil based cleanser on my oily-combo skin, however the double cleanse worked so much better for my skin.
I love to double cleanse because of the deep clean my skin feels right after having a full face of makeup. You can definitely see all of the makeup going down the drain, and the excess sebum melt away. I also felt that the products I use after double cleansing absorb into my skin so much better.
On the Cosrx Advanced 96 Snail Mucin Essence:
This is my holy grail product because it instantly makes your skin plump and hydrated without clogging your pores. Snail mucin gives you a healthy glow by repairing anything from acne, hyperpigmentation from acne scars, to dry patches. When beginners ask me how they should go about starting their Korean skin care routine, I always recommend the Cosrx Snail Mucin Essence first. Also, it’s fun to see people’s reaction to it’s slimy consistency—that’s how you know that it’s truly 96% snail mucin.
In addition to my skin care, I visited a dermatologist, who prescribed Epiduo Forte (a combination of adapalene (0.1%) and benzoyl peroxide (2.5%). She suggested that I do extraction facials once a month. For the first two weeks, my skin was peeling and sensitive. That was when my Korean skin care and the snail mucin products came in handy to combat all the dryness. After a few months, my skin’s texture had become smoother, my pores felt less clogged, and my skin was less oily.
It took about seven months for my skin texture to improve. Then I flew to New York for the first time, met with my new agency, and was off to castings, meeting new clients, and test shoots. I began rocking the no makeup look and loving the natural healthy glow my skin had.

In my field of work, your skin has to be in tiptop shape, if not perfect. When you arrive to a set, the first thing to do is head to hair and makeup. I firmly believe that the secret to beautiful makeup is exceptional skin care. During NYFW in September 2017, the head makeup artist said that my skin was flawless. I couldn’t remember the last time anyone complimented my skin before, and I have my skin care routine to thank!
There is nothing that really prepares you for modeling, so coming to set comfortable in your own skin and a positive attitude is always a step in the right direction. When you’re not worrying about your skin, you will feel more confident and the camera definitely picks up on that!
How did K-beauty change your life? 
The benzoyl peroxide cleared my skin, but the snail mucin in Korean skin care brought my skin to a whole new level. Considering my skin texture, I always lookout for snail mucin in face masks and essences. It has definitely improved my skin texture by protecting my skin barrier from dry patches, since I use an acne topical cream with benzoyl peroxide that can dry out my skin. Incorporating snail mucin with the double cleanse overall made my skin smoother!
In addition, I am going dairy-free, exercising more, having monthly extraction facials, and wearing no makeup when I’m off-duty. 
Although my skin is better than before, I’m still working on my skin care journey. But I know for sure that there are only good skin days ahead. My biggest piece of advice? Invest in yourself and love the skin you’re in!

+ What do you think are the best skin care ingredients for smooth skin texture? Share your advice in the comments below!

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