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The Creative Director of Korean Fashion Brand Pushbutton Explains Why Koreans Are So Stylish

Charlotte had the chance to chat with the creative director of trending Korean fashion label Pushbutton! Below is the interview.

It’s no secret that Korea has become a country that produces cultural trends that appeal to a wider, global audience. From K-pop (heyyy, BTS), Korean dramas, and K-beauty, will the next cultural import be K-fashion?
After seeing the playful and nostalgic Pushbutton Spring/Summer 2018 collection with my own eyes at Seoul Fashion Week, I reached out to its creative director, Park Seung Gun, to hear all about the ever-evolving Korean fashion street style, and how Pushbutton is carving its own path as a cult-favorite Korean fashion brand.

What was the inspiration behind the 2018 S/S collection?
The Pushbutton S/S 2018 Collection was inspired by the concept of time, which is why we named it “Timeless.” Pushbutton has always been inspired by the styles from the ’70s and the ’90s. I’ve tried to mix these decades with the future, season after season. All the effort I have put into the Timeless collection is to pursue a timeless existence.

What distinguishes you from other Korean designers and brands?
Every Korean designer has their own strength. Rather than saying Pushbutton is different from others, I can say that Pushbutton always strives to make a beautiful balance between opposite concepts, such as feminine vs. masculine and sexual vs. sporty.
How do you think Korean street style differs from other street style around the world?
I believe in this highly competitive society, with societal issues like youth unemployment, Koreans try to gain confidence through fashion and beauty. I’ve seen Korean youth on the streets with a very bold fashion sense and they’re very open to expressing themselves. I think Korean fashion is all about taking risks and not being afraid of being different from others, and personally, I believe Koreans have a strong ego that allows them to feel free to express their own style.

What do you think inspires Korean women and men when it comes to fashion trends?
Korean young people are very sensitive to the trends, not only in fashion but from all parts of culture. Currently in fashion, Korean men and women love to pursue their own style, and wear daring never-before-seen fashion trends. Of course, they still are inspired by celebrities, Korean idols and influencers, as they still have fashion power and they often set trends in makeup and fashion.
I’ve seen so many Korean celebrities dressed in Pushbutton. Why do you think they gravitate towards your collection?
Pushbutton uses unique colors, patterns, shapes, and details on clothes as a point of difference. Korea’s fashion industry is evolving, so celebrity clients and fans of Pushbutton look to us to create a unique piece that will set trends.

How has Seoul Fashion Week changed throughout the years?
Seoul Fashion Week is global now. We see that K-pop and K-culture has helped Korean fashion also get love from the world. As a result, Seoul Fashion Week is proving to be a very powerful fashion market and well established production.
What are other Korean brands and designers do you admire? Western brands?
I love Jean Paul Gaultier.
What’s the inspiration or meaning behind the name “Pushbutton?”
It’s from Madonna’s song called “Hollywood.” Part of the lyrics say, “Push the button, don’t push the button.” She is my muse and one of my favorite artists.
How can people shop for Pushbutton in the US? How can they shop when they are in Seoul?
You can find Pushbutton on Net-a-porter and Shopbop. In Korea, you can find the collection in Galleria department store in Apgujeong.

+ Do you love the Pushbutton designs? What are your favorite Korean brands? Share your picks in the comments!

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