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Why You Should Be Picky About Your Cotton Pads

Korean cotton pads are made at a level above all the other cotton pads out there. Here, we explain why you should be picky about your cotton pads and the best Korean choices for your skin’s needs.

To be honest, I used to never think about my cotton pads. Like most people, I would just grab a bulk pack at the drugstore and go on with my life. But here’s the reality: Not all cotton is created equal. Some cotton is good, some is bad. Some is dyed and altered, some is organic and pure. Some is woven to be strong and durable, some just falls apart. And better cotton is undeniably better for your skin.

Here’s why you should most definitely be picky and embrace Korean cotton pads:

Certain cotton has harmful dyes and chemical additives

Oftentimes, people forget that cotton is harvested from a plant. This means that just like food, cotton that is grown non-organically can have traces of GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, toxic chemicals, and pesticides from the cotton harvest process.  These toxins are a risk for any skin type, but they are especially bad for people with sensitive skin. To steer clear of these chemicals, make sure you’re using cotton pads that are made with strictly organic cotton.
Organic cotton is also naturally more absorbent, meaning it will hold product more effectively and redistribute more of it onto your skin. The RE:P Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pads are a fabulous option. They layer cotton to offer one side which is soft and smooth, and another side which gently exfoliates the skin. The organic cotton used ensures a smooth application that is free of chemical irritants.  

Some cotton pads waste your product 

It’s not just the farming of the cotton that matters—it’s also the way the cotton is woven into the pad or puff. I used to really dislike using cotton pads because I felt like I would end up throwing away all that valuable product the pad absorbed. Using conventional pads means you are likely throwing away up to 90 percent of the product you placed onto the pad.
Klairs has revolutionized the cotton pad with the Toner Mate 2-in-1 Cotton Pads. This box contains two different high end pads: The Compressed Pad and the Sponge Pad. The Compressed Pad is amazing for use with toners. It’s created through a water jet method, which compresses the cotton five times, making it ultra durable and highly absorbent, meaning it won’t break down while you swipe it across your face. This also means it tones the skin while also sweeping away surface impurities! Check it out:

And the Sponge Pad is just that: A sponge. It’s specifically designed to return product to the face. It works phenomenally with toners, but is also highly effective at applying essence. You use the Sponge Pad by dabbing it on your skin rather than swiping, which releases the product gently into the skin. This ensures no product goes to waste and your skin gets all the goodness it needs:

Low quality cotton pads leave residue

Using a low quality cotton pad means that while you sweep the cotton across your face, you may be leaving traces of cotton that fall off the pad or puff, which can be seriously bad for your skin. Not only does residue increase the potential for irritation, it also prevents the other products you’re about to layer on from fully absorbing into your skin. It can also block and clog pores, so while you think you are swiping away impurities, you’re actually making your situation worse. This is especially bad for guys, because low quality cotton is easily broken apart by even the smallest amount of stubble.
It makes sense why Innisfree created the Forest for Men Skin Pads. These pads are specially designed to be really durable for use on rough skin and ensure that no cotton fibers are left behind. I switched to this cotton pad for morning use after I shave and I have never gone back. But ladies, this pad is also a great option for you! Remember: men’s only products are really just a myth, and this pad is a great option for everyone.

The bottom line:

When it comes down to it, the cotton you use matters. It’s time to say goodbye to low quality cotton pads from the drugstore. If you want your skincare products to be effective, you need to make sure the tools you use to apply them are of the finest quality to get the results you need! Chemical additives, wasted product, and cotton residue can all be easily avoided if you just choose products with ingredients and composition that do what your skin needs. So, next time you need to refill your cotton store, be picky!

What are your favorite Korean cotton pads? Let us know in the comments!

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