Everything You Need to Know About KCON 2017

By August 14, 2017

Find out everything you need to know about KCON 2017!

UPDATE 8/14/17: KCON Los Angeles details

KCON is back, and this time it’s hitting the West coast at the Staples Center and the LA Convention Center from Friday, August 18th to Sunday, August 20th. If you’re in the LA area and want to head to KCON, check out our favorite panels (hint, Charlotte will be there) and artists below:

Friday, August 18

Charlotte, Joan Kim, and Edward Avila are back together again! From 12:30pm to 1:30pm at Panel 502A, they’ll be sharing the best K-beauty makeup hacks for a flawless finish. Check out our interview with Joan Kim where she shares her tips on how to create the Korean dewy makeup look, and find out Edward Avila’s favorite makeup products in our interview with him.

Then at 2pm, head over to Panel 502A again to watch Sunny from Sunny’s Channel do makeup on one of our favorite Korean stars, GoToe!

Saturday, August 19

Wake up and head over to Panel 502A at 11am-12pm to hear about the most popular and best K-beauty spots in Seoul with Charlotte and Sunny. If you’re planning a trip to Korea’s capitol, this is a must-see panel!

And if all that exposure to Sunny has got you wanting to ask her a question, you should head over to her Meet & Greet from 2pm to 3pm at Panel 501BC.

Then at 3:30pm to 4:30pm at Panel 502A, Charlotte and HeyItsFeiii will be teaming up again to showcase some of the most useful and fun K-beauty DIY projects—like turning your empty cushion compact into a DIY sunscreen cushion. Check out our interview with Fei here.

Sunday, August 20

You absolutely must go to Jen Chae’s (AKA From Head to Toe) Meet & Greet from 11am to 12pm at Panel 501BC. She’s one of our favorite bloggers, and she keeps it real when it comes to post-pregnancy skin care.

And don’t forget the concerts! On Saturday, SF9 and Super Junior-D&E will be performing (among others), and on Sunday, Astro, Heize, and NCT 127 (and others) will hit the stage.

The time for all things K-beauty, K-pop, and Korean culture is here. KCON NY is happening this weekend (June 23 – June 24) at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, and The Klog is giving away two free tickets for the concert portion of the convention on Friday! One person will be selected and will receive two tickets (so they can bring a friend!).

Friday, June 23

Start things off by attending the Explore Seoul’s Hottest K-beauty Spots panel from 12:30pm-1:30pm, hosted by our very own Charlotte Cho. Charlotte goes to Korea about seven times a year, so she knows literally every single place to find coveted beauty items. She’ll talk about where you can find all the trendy K-beauty products and the newest product innovations in Seoul. She’ll also show you her latest obsessions!

Once that’s finished, rush over to the Meet & Greet with GoToe, the pharmacist by day and the awesome and hilarious video creator by night. We recently interviewed him and we guarantee his videos will make you laugh. His meet and greet starts at 1:30pm and ends at 2pm.

At 3:30pm, go hang out with Charlotte again at her DIY Skin Care panel with “Hey It’s Feiii,” where they will talk about all the cool ways you can easily create your own Korean skin care products, plus what you definitely shouldn’t DIY. Fei is the perfect person to talk to about this topic since she’s known to try a variety of crazy products. Check out our interview with her here.

At night, you’ll want to stick around for the concert, which will feature Zion.T and the super popular boy band SF9:

Saturday, June 24th

Start your day off at 11:30am with one of the most exciting panels of the convention: K-beauty on a Budget. Charlotte will be hanging out with two of our favorite K-beauty influencers: Edward Avila and Joan Kim. In our interview with Joan, she talked a lot about affordable K-beauty options, so we’ll be listening to what she has to say during the panel. Plus, Charlotte, Edward, and Joan will be revealing some amazing K-beauty dupes for expensive American products!

At 1pm, head over to the Meet & Greet with Sunny’s Channel. She’s one of the biggest K-beauty influencers and creates stunning looks, like these:

At night, one of our favorite Korean bands will take the main stage: Twice:

Also, stay tuned for our updates for KCON LA, which will be at the Staples Center on August 18-20th!


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