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The 6-Step K-Beauty Starter Routine for Your 40s

For K-beauty in your 40s, you’ll want to seek out products that save you time but offer serious results. Follow our six step plan for youthful-looking skin that only takes 10 minutes out of your day.

If you’re in your 40s, you know that your skin has experienced some changes in the last few years and the products you used to love probably aren’t cutting it anymore. You may have heard about the benefits of K-Beauty and the multi-step, intensive routines that require plenty of products, but maybe you’re after something a little more simple and streamlined.

Fear not—finding a K-beauty regimen for your skin’s unique needs is possible. We’ve narrowed it down to six easy steps for you to follow, and some great products with skin-healthy ingredients that will have your complexion looking glowy, smooth and even-toned. Read on to learn about how K-beauty can work for you.

Step 1: Oil Cleanser

The heart of K-beauty lies in double-cleansing, which ensures skin is thoroughly cleansed of SPF, oil, makeup and pollution, allowing treatments to better penetrate the skin. An oil-based cleanser is the first step, which helps break down any heavy makeup and dissolve SPF, which can clog pores if it’s not rinsed away at night. Apply your oil cleanser to dry skin and gently massage it in circular motions around the face for about a minute before rinsing off.

We recommend Clean It Zero Revitalizing, a solid cleansing balm that melts into a silky oil on the skin. Its formula features resveratrol, an antioxidant that helps fight free radical damage from pollution and other environmental stressors.

Step 2: Water-Based Cleanser

After oil cleansing, it’s time to rinse away any leftover residue with a water-based cleanser that won’t irritate potentially sensitive skin. Neogen Blueberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser is formulated with anti-aging in mind and features blueberry water, known for its antioxidant properties, and moringa extract, which leaves skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch. The foaming formula deep cleans without stripping the skin, leaving it cleansed and ready for treatments.

Step 3: Treatment

As we get older, our skin needs more powerful, regenerative product formulas to keep it looking healthy and youthful. Ampoules and serums are a great way to deliver concentrated ingredients to the skin that show real results fast. However, as skin matures it can become more sensitive, which is why it’s important to choose intensive formulas that simultaneously soothe the skin and leave it feeling comfortable.

One of our favorite repairing treatments that fits these requirements is the Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule 5X, a lightweight product with heavy-duty results. Not only does it hydrate and soothe, thanks to plumping Extra Biome, which is a combination of bifida ferment lysate and 10 other probiotics to deliver deep moisture and revive tired skin, it also promotes elasticity. In fact, many who try this serum have noticed results in as little as a month!

Step 4: Eye Cream

The eyes are often the first area of our face to lose firmness and develop fine lines. The skin in this area is more sensitive and much thinner than that on the rest of your face, so it’s important to treat it with products specially formulated for the eye area. With fermented ingredients to help repair damage and ceramides and hyaluronic acid to attract moisture into the skin, the Benton Fermentation Eye Cream is rich and nourishing and will restore a youthful firmness to the eyes. Squeeze a small amount from the tube onto your ring finger before gently tapping under and around the eyes until fully absorbed.

Step 5: Moisturizer

Hydrated skin is healthy skin, which is why a moisture-rich cream is key in softening the appearance of fine lines and encouraging skin to glow. The Then I Met You Renewing Rich Beauty Cream is a beloved option for hydration and protection.

This rich and silky cream features a Quad Ginseng Complex, delivering a powerful blend of antioxidants that leave skin smooth, soft and plump with moisture. Ginseng is a potent, age counteractive herb that restores bounce and suppleness to skin.Baobab, squalane and hyaluronic acid cocoon the face with lasting hydration that absorbs quickly, quenching skin in a dreamy, creamy, dewy glow.

And don’t forget: In the daytime, make sure you are thoroughly applying an SPF product as your final step to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, which can cause fine lines to deepen or age spots to develop. Daily SPF application is your best defense against premature aging and preventable damage.

We love the lightweight Neogen Day-Light Protection Sunscreen SPF 50, which hydrates with rose and raspberry extracts without leaving a greasy finish.

Optional: A few nights a week, you’ll want to exfoliate to help speed up the process of cell turnover, which slows down as we age.

Whenever skin feels dull or flaky, try the Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea pads to promote even-toned, smooth skin. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that also helps to soothe irritation.

+ Have you seen the benefits of K-beauty in your 40s? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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