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Carrot can be used in many ways! There’s extracts from the plant’s roots and oils derived from the plant’s seeds. Carrot seed oil is actually extracted from the seeds of the Daucus carota, a wild carrot that’s commonly referred to as Queen Anne’s lace. This essential oil considers itself a pretty antioxidant rich ingredient, containing vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E. Better yet, carrot seed oil possesses a carotenoid, beta carotene.

Benefits: Carrot seed oil contains all the benefits of vitamin C, like protection against free radicals and an evening of the skin tone. It also stimulates cell regeneration, as it also contains vitamin A.

Skin Types: Carrot seed oil is recommended for all skin types, however, the vitamin A and vitamin C in this ingredient might irritate sensitive skin. Be careful when using carrot seed oil. Make sure to apply sunscreen after application and practice safe pairing. Applying it with other vitamin A and vitamin C rich ingredients might cause irritation.

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