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Ingredient Spotlight: How Vitamin E is a “Wonder Ingredient” For All Skin Types

So, why is vitamin E for skin considered a “wonder ingredient”? Since it’s really easy to become overwhelmed when searching for a new product, Ingredient Spotlight is here to break down the basics. Here we’ll teach you how an ingredient works and leave you with product recommendations to help you with your search.

Vitamin E has become so commonplace in skin care, hair care, and makeup that we sometimes just overlook it, but what is vitamin E? And what’s so special about its skin benefits that many people swear by it? Today, we’re breaking it down for you!
What is vitamin E? What are its skin benefits?
Vitamin is a fat-soluble nutrient and powerful antioxidant that can be found in nuts, seeds, and some vegetable oils. In the body, vitamin E is used to protect cells from free radicals, and has been known to boost the immune system.
Vitamin E boasts a long list of skin benefits. Many simply use vitamin E as a moisturizer. It’s incredibly hydrating and useful in treating dry patches on the skin. Studies have shown that vitamin E increases production of collagen, the protein responsible for keeping our skin elastic, preventing skin from becoming dull and wrinkled, thereby reducing signs of premature aging.
Vitamin E is also anti-inflammatory. It can be used to prevent redness and puffiness in the skin. Because it is an antioxidant, vitamin E helps to improve the skin barrier, long term, and encourage scar healing. It does wonders for improving overall skin tone as well as erasing dark spots, scars, and dark circles.
Are there other beauty benefits?
Vitamin E is also great for your hair! When applied to the scalp, its anti-inflammatory qualities reduce inflammation of the scalp and repair damage to hair follicles encouraging hair growth. This also helps to prematurely prevent splitting and breakage of the hair as it grows out.
Who should use Vitamin E?
Using Vitamin E can be tricky if you are prone to breakouts because it can be heavy. It is also uncommon, but not unheard of, to be allergic to vitamin E. As with all new products, we recommend that you patch test them before slathering them on your face to prevent any nasty surprises or major allergic reactions.
Vitamin E Product Recommendations:
The K-beauty community has fallen in love with Vitamin E, and not just in its skin care. We love the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask. Vitamin E, when paired with a vitamin C serum (like the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum and the Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid) can act as a natural sun protection, blocking off free radicals from the body and preventing premature aging. Unlike Vitamin E oils, this mask is incredibly lightweight and seeps into the skin easily, making it both a good nighttime and daytime moisturizer that makes your favorite vitamin C serum usable in the daytime.
We also love the My Skin Mentor Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel Exclusive Set. This product has a cult following in Korea because it rolls dead skin cells right off. And there’s just something super satisfying about seeing your skin care products work in real time. This gel uses all star duo vitamin C and vitamin E to brighten and even out skin tone, whilst still keeping the skin hydrated.
Remembering your sunscreen every day is the secret to young looking skin. The Enature Plantalicious UV Sunscreen SPF 48  is a lightweight sunscreen that utilizes vitamin E to strengthen your skin barrier against the harsh rays of the sun protecting it from premature aging and sun spots, whilst also brightening up your complexion and soothing irritated skin.
The Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Plus Shampoo and Conditioner, rich with vitamin E from Moroccan argan oil are wonders for dry hair. They bring moisture back into the hair to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair against splitting and breakage. Vitamin E can also be found in makeup products. The Son & Park Plumping & Shaping Pencil Duo is an eye-brightening tool that allows you to reshape your eye. Eyeshadows, however, can often be drying, which if you’re like me and have a dry eye area is not ideal. This color duo, however, uses vitamin E to moisturize the eye area and add a little iridescent shine.
Bottom line:
Vitamin E is not only essential for your health, but also for your skin and hair! It assists in building up the skin barrier to protect you against outside pollutants, hydrates, and can be extremely beneficial in preventing premature aging and clearing up darkness on the skin. 
+Do you love using vitamin E for ski? Let us know why in the comments!
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