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how to use a face mist

How a Face Mist Will Revive Your Midday Dry Skin

Take a look at how to use a face mist to help bring life back to tired skin that’s been sitting under the pressure of oppressive office air conditioning all day.

To be honest, before I started working here, I had never used a face spray. I guess I never saw the point, and clearly didn’t realize how much I was missing out. For someone like me—a person with bone dry skin—face mists have become my new go-to product during the day.

Now that I’ve become a convert, I figured I would put my new obsession to the test, and do a direct comparison of my skin with and without mists. Come along with me on my two day test of facial mists: one day going mist free and one day with regular misting.

First off, what are face mists?

Different face mists do different things, and all of them are loaded with benefits. My favorite mists are those that I spritz on throughout the day to cool, refresh, and hydrate my skin. However, other mists can actually be used as a step in your morning or evening skin care regimen. For example, Wander Beauty has conveniently created the Mist Connection Essence and Toner, which provides all the benefits of an essence and a toner in the convenience of a spray bottle. So whether you opt for a time saving essence or serum spray in your morning routine or a hydrating mid-day mister, there’s one for you.

Step One: Choosing my mist

Here at The Klog, we like to be a little ~extra~ in that we have a full-on misting station where you can pick and choose whatever mist you want to spritz on during the day. It’s a drawer filled with mists from various brands, in various colors, for various skin types, and in a multitude of bottle shapes from regular misters to bunny-shaped spritz bottles.

To say the least, I was a bit overwhelmed. But, as with all skin care, it came down to choosing a mist that would treat my specific skin type. I have extremely dry skin, so I wanted one that would give me the most moisture possible. I settled on the Neogen Real Ferment Micro Mist. This miracle in a bottle is formulated with milk lipids and mistletoe berry extracts that sink into the skin immediately and provide a powerful dose of moisture. For someone with dry skin who works in a (thankfully) air conditioned office that can dry out my skin more, this mist sounded like a dream.

Day one: No mist

Once I had found this mist, I was super excited to try it, and waiting a whole day to give it a go was a tough pill to swallow. But, for the first day of this trial I didn’t mist a single time. I woke up in the morning and did my regular routine, and headed straight to the office.

The photo collage above features (from left to right) my skin fresh from my 15 minute walk to work, with no spray, and the lovely swelling from my oral surgery the day before (I was a bit self conscious, but I did this for you all—no pain, no gain, am I right?), and then the second photo shows my skin about midday when I was really craving a mist because I felt my skin starting to dry out in the AC. It still looked alright, but it felt pretty dry.

The last photo shows my skin at the end of the day, when I was really, really craving a mist. My skin was feeling pretty depleted, especially after stepping out into the heat and pollution for lunch, and then coming back into the AC. 

Day two: Regular misting

To say the least, I was greatly relieved when I got back onto my daily misting. I was excited to see how my skin looked in a side by side and see if my intuitions were right. The first photo is right after arriving at the office and freshening up with a spritz after my walk to work. After braving the heat and humidity on my walk, this spritz felt better than ever. I immediately noticed my skin both looked and felt better than it had the day before.

The second photo shows right after I misted after returning from lunch. When I left the office, I was swamped with heat, humidity, and pollution. Those environmental stressors mixed with my mid-day dryness that was beginning to kick in was not a pretty sight, so right when I got back to my desk, I spritzed my face, and my skin was returned to a cool, bright, hydrated state.

The last photo shows after I spritzed again before leaving the office. I honestly didn’t even feel like I needed this third spritz—my skin felt cool and hydrated, and didn’t feel like it was dried out from the AC. In short, I could definitely feel the effects of my two earlier sprays. But I was about to walk back home and hit the gym, so I knew my skin could use that extra blast of cool, hydrating refreshment.

The bottom line:

Honestly, this two day comparison made me even more of a believer in face mists than I was before. Not only did my skin look better, it really felt so much better. Especially for someone like me with dry skin, face mists have become a lifesaver.

I now keep a bottle of my favorite mist right next to me on my desk for easy access at all times. And for people with other skin types, there are so many mists to choose from, with some that add dewyness to others that mattify. Long story short, if you’re looking to keep up that hydrated, cool look and feeling all day long, face mists are the way to go.

+ What’s your favorite tip on how to use a face mist? Let us know below!

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