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Hanskin Bio Prism Brightening Alpha Serum

The Light Serum that Instantly Brings Glow to Skin

Find out why the Hanskin Bio Prism Brightening Alpha Serum is one of the best lightweight serums to bring luminosity back to your skin this summer.

It took me a while to love the Hanskin Brightening Alpha Serum. It’s so lightweight that I kept feeling like I wasn’t really putting anything on for a good amount of days. But after about a week, I started seeing major results with my chronic pigmentation and I learned to love this serum for these hot summer days when I really don’t want to feel anything sticking to my skin. Let me break down why this product is a great redness-reducing summer serum…
The ingredients:
If you’re like me and you deal with constant red cheeks, visible veins, and dull skin (it’s a wonderful combination), you’ll be super intrigued by the featured ingredients in this serum. The first superstar ingredient is gigawhite, which some people in the skin care community consider a natural replica of the skin brightener hydroquinone (which is banned in other countries for health-related effects). The gigawhite in the Hanskin Brightening Alpha Serum contains a blend of extracts from seven plants, including mentha pipertia extract, which helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation.
The next ingredient is dulwoe extract, which actively fights the production of melanin to lighten dark spots and target dull, yellow skin. But I think real star ingredient in this serum is camu-camu extract, a powerful skin brightener. Camu-camu extract is basically a powerhouse ingredient for brightening and coddling the skin: It has 60 times more vitamin C than an lemon, as well as vitamin B2 and hyaluronic acid for intense moisturizing.
In addition to all of these unique and strong brightening extracts, another top ingredient in the Hanskin Brightening Alpha Serum is niacinamide, which you know and love as the king of fading discoloration and brightening dull skin, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
The formula:
hanskin Bio Prism Brightening Alpha Serum
Like I said above, the formula of this Hanskin serum is kind of tricky and confusing at first, especially if you have really dry skin like me. Let me explain: I’m used to applying serums that are thick and cream-like so they lay over my skin like a heavy blanket infusing it with active ingredients as well as moisture. The Hanksin serum is really thin—almost like water—and takes about two to three full pumps to completely cover my face. I would normally despise a serum like this and render it useless, but the Hanskin serum has a different formulation that saves it.
You see, the instructions say to shake this serum before applying it so it can create “crystal capsules” in the formula that mix all the ingredients into an oil-based serum. The oil-based part of this serum is important because once you spread it over your face, you notice that it’s actually super hydrating and nourishing. So instead of other clear, watery serums I’ve tried that literally just feel like I’ve put plain old tap water on my face, the Hanskin Bio Prism Brightening Alpha Serum immediately plumps my skin and feels like I’m actually hydrating it with skin-benefitting ingredients. Plus, the light floral scent is not overwhelming at all.
The best part about the formula is that it’s so light, making it an ideal everyday serum for these hot summer months. While I love heavy serums and creams that wrap my dry skin in the winter, when it’s nearing 90 degrees outside, I cringe when I think of doing my entire ten step skin care routine. Of course, I still do it every night because the addiction is real, but the Hanskin serum allows my skin to feel nourished yet breathable before I slather on a moisturizer. What’s more, I feel like all of the powerful ingredients immediately go to work and within seconds, my skin looks brighter and more even-toned after putting the serum on.
Bottom line:
The Hanskin Bio Prism Brightening Alpha Serum is one of the more effective skin brightening serums I’ve tried. It contains a collection of ingredients that’s sole purpose are to help fade pigmentation and bring life back to dull skin. After a couple weeks of testing the serum, I noticed that my pigmentation looked much calmer, my veins were less visible, and my skin instantly had a glow right after it absorbed into my skin (this glow stays around all the way to the next morning, FYI).
It’s the perfect serum to use during summer nights because it’s so light and airy and could even be used in your morning routine since it won’t weigh down your skin at all (and it’ll give you fresh, glowy, bright skin all day). I wouldn’t advise using this serum during the winter because it’s just too lightweight and might not do much when you really need hydration (unless you have oily skin that can retain moisture even in the coldest weather).
All in all, if you’re looking for a serum that will actively fight discoloration and won’t suck up time in your routine, give this Hanskin one a try.

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