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Hanskin Bio Origin the Ampoule Serum

The Serum That Delivers Double the Hydration With Half the Weight

Read our official review of the Hanskin Bio Origin the Ampoule Serum: a super hydrating serum that even people with acne-prone skin will like.

One of the reasons I’ve been loving Hanskin’s products is because they deliver moisture to the skin at a level above the rest. I have really dry skin, like really dry. After my six month stint on Accutane, my face has stayed bone dry day in and day out. But my skin is also still extremely acne-prone so I’m always hesitant to use products that claim to be deeply moisturizing. They’re often so thick I feel like I’m suffocating my pores. But Hanskin’s products always seem to be able to deliver twice the moisture with half the weight.
After testing the Hanskin Bio Origin the Ampoule Serum for a week, these are my full thoughts:

The ingredients

One of the reasons this serum is so moisturizing is because it contains Hanskin’s patented oil formula: the 3R system. The 3R system combines omega 3, 6, and 9 oils lifted from 100% organic plant based extracts to deliver lightweight but intense moisture. It’s pretty much a miracle for those of us who want heavy moisture without the heaviness of many creams.
However, the ingredients list wasn’t all easy breezy and beautiful for my skin type. I was hesitant about the product’s use of 2.5% dimethicone. First things first, dimethicone does have a whole roster of benefits: It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and coats the skin with a nourishing and protective layer of moisturizing goodness, and for people with oily skin, it helps to keep skin matte, making products so much easier to apply. For those of us with dry skin, the barrier helps to lock in moisture. Dimethicone is also heralded for how smoothly it allows lotions and serums to be applied to the skin.
But dimethicone can be scary for someone like me with extremely acne-prone skin. Although clinical research is lacking on the subject, it’s believed that dimethicone can make it more difficult for your skin to naturally work through its breakout cycle. The layer it makes on the surface of your skin can trap bacteria and make it harder to slough off dead skin cells. On the other hand, this layer can provide a barrier that prevents further irritation, which means less breakouts. I trusted the Hanskin formula because the other products I’ve used from the brand were so mind-blowingly good, so I decided to give the Bio Origin Ampoule Serum a go.

The packaging

The first thing that struck me about the packaging—other than its chic minimalist design that looked so good on my shelf—was its size. The serum comes in a tall 2.02oz bottle that trumped even my cleansers. This was amazing to me, because most often I find serums in small, concentrated bottles similar to the size of a facial oil. But the size of this Hanskin serum makes sense once you start to use it.

The consistency

hanskin Bio Origin the Ampoule Serum
The second thing I noticed about the serum was that when I pumped it out, it looked and felt like an emulsion. It wasn’t quite as heavy as a cream, but much heavier than the watery, lightweight serums I was used to.
All of a sudden the bigger bottle made sense. Whereas smaller serums can get your whole face covered with just one drop, I definitely felt like it took two to three drops of this Hanskin serum to cover my face.
But wow, were those three drops ever heavenly! From the moment I started spreading it on my skin, I knew exactly why Hanskin had decided to include dimethicone in the formula. The serum glided across my skin so smoothly and easily and absorbed quickly into my surface layer. I’m not kidding when I say it was one of the most pleasant applications I’ve ever experienced. The scent was also light and slightly floral, which made it all the more enjoyable.

My first impression:

To be honest, I was amazed. The second it absorbed into my skin, my skin was softer, more supple, and brighter looking. It’s rare that I find products that deliver such instantaneous results but this one definitely did. I could also really feel the 3R system going to work. It was so intensely hydrating that it almost felt like I had already applied my moisturizer (which was impressive considering how light it was and how quickly it absorbed into my skin). I also felt like my lotions and sunscreens went on really nicely over the serum.

My impression over time:

After using this product for a week, I felt myself falling in love. My skin stayed hydrated longer than usual, and I really started to notice the effects it had on my fine lines. I smile a lot and I struggle with fine smile lines forming around my mouth and under my eyes, and while I was using this product, I truly saw a decrease in the appearance of those lines, which was really satisfying. Plus, it felt amazing to use during the summer heat because it’s so lightweight.

Why I won’t use the Hanskin serum every day:

If I’m going to be real, my love affair with this serum was more a tale of heartbreak. I really, really loved the benefits of the product and saw so many improvements in my skin, but at the end of the day, my number one skin concern is my acne, which won’t allow me to use the Hanskin Bio Origin Ampoule Serum every day in my routine.
My acne is non-hormonal, and when it gets bad, there is no cure but antibiotics. In this case, I felt the negative effects of the dimethicone on my skin. Although the serum was lightweight, the layer it left on the surface of my skin did make it harder for my pores to breathe.

Do I recommend it?

Even though the Hanskin serum doesn’t always work with my skin, I absolutely would recommend it. Few people have the severe acne I have, and if you do, I would still recommend you give it a go. It may not have the same effect on your skin when you have breakouts and I still use it when my skin is being good.
As for everyone else, especially those of you with dry skin, this product is a must. It locks in hydration like no other serum, and my skin felt more hydrated with this product than with many of the other hydrating serums I’ve tried. Plus, its absorbable consistency makes it perfect for any time of the year, including the peak of summer heat. And in terms of fine lines, it’s a miracle worker. The reduction I saw in my smile lines was astonishing.

Bottom line:

Long story short, if you want to experience literal love at first pat, give the Hanskin Bio Origin the Ampoule Serum a go. The results are instantaneous but long lasting, and I can easily see it becoming a routine staple.

 + Have you tried any Hanskin products? Let us know in the comments!

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