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hanacure mask reviews

What’s Inside Hanacure: The Mask That Makes You Look 5 Years Younger

We chat with one of the creators of the Hanacure mask about what’s in it that makes it create that famous #HanacureEffect, plus four staff members offer Hanacure mask reviews with pictures.

Chances are that by now you’ve heard or seen something about the Hanacure mask. You’ve probably seen some crazy-looking before-and-after photo on your Instagram with the hashtag #HanacureEffect. Or you’ve read the countless headlines about how Hanacure is Drew Barrymore’s favorite mask.
But in case you don’t know what it is, the Hanacure mask is a super unique luxury face mask (one single mask kit costs $29) that bills itself as the “All-In-One Facial.” It promises to address eight skin concerns: loose skin, puffiness, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, discoloration, dull skin, and breakouts and clogged pores.
It comes with a special “gelling solution” and a “lifting serum” that you mix together and then swipe on your face with a brush. Within minutes, the mask starts hardening up, so much so that in ten minutes, you can hardly move your face. Give it 15 minutes and the skin under your eyes starts getting pulled so hard that when I tried it, I found it hard to even blink. Hence the “Hanacure Effect” selfies people snap of themselves in which they literally look like old people who are also zombies.
But the actual after-effect of the mask is very real. Once every single one of our testers looked at their skin the next day, they noticed that their complexions were brighter, more even-toned, and straight up younger-looking. It was almost like magic.
Take it from Chanel, Soko Glam’s senior designer: “It made my face feel like it was being vacuum sealed, and after rinsing I noticed an overall brightening effect, but I didn’t think too much of it. However, the next morning!!! My skin was so smooth and the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks was lighter and diffused. My usually very congested nose was also very smooth, and I seemed to have less blackheads and smaller pores.”
Here’s Chanel before the mask, during the mask, and after the mask:
hanacure mask reviews
Results like these were why we reached out to one of the creators of the mask, Will*, to give us the inside scoop on everything from what the inspiration was behind creating this mask to a breakdown of every single ingredient in the mask.

What inspired you to create Hanacure? 

“My business partner’s [a makeup artist] variety of clients were always in need of a pre-make up, skin care solution that could address different skin concerns quickly. Some had puffiness, some had clogged or enlarged pores, some would have both, and none of them enjoyed layering several different products on their face before makeup was even applied.

It didn’t take us long to recognize the opportunity to create a treatment not just for her clients, but for everyone, of all ages and gender, who want healthy and great looking skin but are too short on time to see a facialist or follow an arduous regimen. With the skin care industry already being cluttered and time-consuming, we saw the need for one truly effective, multi-action product that would deliver long-lasting results that are visible in a short time.”

What’s behind the name “Hanacure”? 

“Hana means ‘one’ in Korean, so Hanacure essentially means ‘the one solution’ for skin care.”

Why did you decide to develop the brand in Korea?

South Korea has always been a leader and innovator in the beauty space because of its competitive landscape, sophistication of quality ingredients, and most notably, its history of skin care devotion and regimens. We chose to co-develop a research and development facility there to give ourselves better access to the most cutting-edge technologies and exclusive ingredients for skin care. We’re actually in the process of patenting a new peptide that we will use in our future products.”

What makes the Hanacure mask so special? 
“The Hanacure mask is a multi-tasker, targeting eight skin concerns at once. It’s also a lovely experience—from the moment you open our box, to the mixing of our lifting serum and gelling solution to create the mask, to the conclusive ‘rinse.’ Most memorably, you can feel the intense tightening and lifting effects of our mask as it begins to work in minutes—you can even intensify those effects by using a fan (you may use our instruction manual as a fan) or the “cool” and “low” setting of a blowdryer while the mask is on. It’s truly a transformational experience that makes it stand out.”
How does the mask create the tightening effect?
“Our mask fuses with carbon dioxide in the air to create a strong binding force that produces the intense tightening effects on your face to draw out toxins and impurities. The intensity of the tightness will increase if you fan your face while the mask is on.”
This is very true. Ben, one of the interns at The Klog, tested the mask, especially the “fanning” part, and his results are truly incredible:
hanacure mask reviews
Ben’s thoughts: “Once the mask was on, I started to think maybe the photos I had seen were a bit false—the mask was so clear, light, and felt like nothing on my face. But that all changed after the first few minutes. I started to feel the mask tightening on my skin, pulling inwards toward the center of my face. I fanned it with my hands a few times—the packaging said would intensify the effect, and it certainly did. The longer the mask was on my face, the more it pulled and pulled until it was verging on painful. I LOVE skincare that I can feel working on my skin, and this mask is probably the most feel-able skincare product I’ve tried. Immediately after removing the mask, I noticed that my fine lines were completely gone. My skin was super red, but after I finished the rest of my routine, it calmed down. But the real reveal was the next morning: I looked in the mirror to find my skin firm, clear, and taut beyond belief. It looked SO good.”
What’s in the Hanacure mask that makes it create these effects?
Our formulation includes a variety of botanical extracts that have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine. These plant-based ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties that are known to soothe and detoxify problematic skin, as well as regenerative properties that help to restore moisture and stimulate blood flow to awaken your complexion.”
Here, Will breaks down each of the 15 ingredients in the mask and explains why it was included:
The Botanical Extracts:
Lotus flower: “This is a great skin conditioning agent as it includes fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The proteins in it also help to firm and tighten the skin while its anti-inflammatory properties help to purify the skin, minimize the appearance of pores, and rebalance oily skin from breakouts for a more vibrant appearance.”

Oriental raisin tree: Indigenous to East Asia, the oriental raisin tree has been valued in Eastern medicine for its medicinal properties. It contains flavonoids that also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help detoxify and prevent aging of the skin.”

Green tea: The polyphenols in green tea are rich in antioxidants and can help soothe the skin. They also have restorative properties that may improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation caused by the sun.”

Honeysuckle flower extract: “The honeysuckle flower has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are good to relieve the skin from any irritation and germs.”

Rosa canina fruit oil: “This contains high levels of essential fatty acids to help the skin retain moisture and reduce dryness.”

Peony: “Peony extract has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Its antioxidant effects can improve circulation and help with inflammation while its high content of tannins can help brighten the complexion.”

hanacure mask reviews

Tina (The Klog’s digital content & marketing associate) thoughts on Hanacure: “Though I was warned in advance about the mask’s tightening effect, I applied the mask all over, including my dark circles and brow bones. 20 minutes into the mask, my brows migrated about half an inch upwards and my eye area was so stretched I couldn’t even shut my eyes completely. The last 5 minutes felt like I was being slapped in the face by a thousand Barbie hands.

This might be because I’m used to the tightening feeling from using clay masks all the time (though Hanacure is no clay mask), but I am definitely repurchasing this mask for one reason: It’s a miracle for fine lines. I have lines on my forehead that are not deep-set but visible when dry. Those completely disappeared. The mask also seemed to have sucked out any noticeable blackheads poking out earlier, so that’s an added plus.”

Sophora root: “This is a classic herb used in Eastern medicine for centuries for soothing eczema. Studies have also shown its ability to inhibit the formation of melanin for brighter, radiant looking skin.”

Skullcap extract: “This has been used in herbal medicine, and like the oriental raisin tree, it contains flavonoids to help with inflammation and has properties that help soothe the skin.”

Rhus Semialata Gall Extract: “Another herb common in Eastern medicine for its tannins, it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to help calm problematic skin.”

Peach Leaf Extract: “We read studies that showed that this powerful ingredient can stimulate cells for repair, slowing down the signs of aging.”

Ginkgo Biloba: “This extract provides antioxidant benefits and soothes sensitive skin, and it has natural cleansing properties for oily, clogged skin. It has been used for centuries to help soothe acne, eczema, or any type of redness due to inflammation.”

Winter Melon Fruit Extract: “This is known in Eastern medicine to moisturize and brighten the complexion while reducing signs of inflammation.”

hanacure mask reviews

Jisoo’s (Soko Glam’s social media manager) thoughts on Hanacure: “You’re not going to see results right after. In fact, my skin was a little red after I washed it off, but the next morning my skin was in the best condition ever. I had a lot of bumps on my cheeks, and most of those bumps disappeared in the morning. My skin was calmer and smoother.”

The Peptides:

Nicotinoyl Dipeptide-23 and Nicotinoyl Dipeptide-22: “These cross-functioning vita peptides work in unison to control the activation of melanin cells while stabilizing those that are already present, resulting in a brighter complexion and more vibrant looking skin.”

Argireline: “A non-invasive alternative to Botox, this peptide is a natural compound derived from plants and used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.”

Copper Tripeptide: “Our bodies store these natural peptides with skin regeneration effects that are known to eliminate collagen or elastin caused by skin damage. When more of these peptides are present, stem cells are created for regenerative effects and the formation of scars become suppressed.”

What’s the next thing we can expect from Hanacure?

We’ve only recently launched our All-In-One Facial, so we don’t really want to take the spotlight from it just yet. However, we’re working with fascinating technologies in skin care so do keep an eye out for our next product. It will go hand in hand with the All-In-One Facial.”

+ What do you think of the Hanacure mask? Would you try it?
 *Last name has been omitted for privacy reasons.
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