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How a Former Flight Attendant Does Travel Beauty, Plus Her Best Inflight Skin Tips

Getting on a plane this holiday season and want to know how to craft the perfect travel skin care routine? Who better to take advice from than someone who once worked at 35,000 feet? Below, a former flight attendant shares her tips.

I was a flight attendant for a year and a half, flying for a regional airline under Delta Air Lines. An inconsistent sleep and work schedule was part of the job, but during that time, there was one thing that remained consistent no matter if I was going to bed at 1AM or waking up at 4AM: My skin care routine.
My Morning and Nighttime Routine
During my flight attendant days I always began my routine with Garnier Fructis SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. The formula was able to tackle the full face of makeup I wore to work which included eye makeup, BB cream, and red lipstick. The great thing about micellar water is that it has oils suspended in the formula which helps to remove oil-based impurities like sunscreen and sebum.
I then followed up with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub. This has been my forever cleanser since my high school days. It is difficult to find drugstore products that aren’t too harsh, and I have been fortunate to have found one that has worked on my skin for so many years.
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For an exfoliator, I used Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask twice a week. In the air, my pores were often clogged with dirt and pollution. Using a clay mask really helped to detox my pores and pull those impurities out.
Finally, I ended with Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream. I really like this cream for its consistency and hydration. The other beneficial factor to this firming moisturizer is that it can be used as a serum, primer, eye cream, neck cream, and even a sleeping mask – all in one bottle. Half a pump was enough to keep me hydrated throughout multiple flights. 

My Inflight Routine
When flying, your skin experiences dehydration due to the high altitude and constant circulation of cabin air. So taking measures to care for your skin – in addition to drinking lots of water – during the flight is crucial.
During my flights in uniform, I would continuously use a facial mist and touch-up my makeup with the Missha M Magic Cushion. This also helped to absorb any sweat and sebum.
Now that I can enjoy flights from my seat, my favorite product to apply on planes is a sheet mask. It doesn’t get easier to give my skin some much needed hydration while munching on pretzels than using a sheet mask.
My Tips For You 
In your carry-on luggage, I recommend packing a travel-size toner with cleansing properties, a travel-friendly mist (like the Missha First Treatment Essence Mist 50mL), and a few of your favorite sheet masks. I also recommend using a contact case to fill one side with eye cream and the other with moisturizer.
Once at your gate waiting to board, head to the airport restroom and use a cotton pad to cleanse with the cleansing toner, follow up with the mist, gently pat on your eye cream, and moisturize. On the plane, you can mist as you see fit, and depending on the length of the flight, apply a sheet mask for 15 to 20 minutes. Once deplaned, cleanse, mist, and moisturize again. 
Bottom Line
Experiencing the lifestyle of a flight attendant definitely taught me to care for my skin inside and out. From just drinking a cup of water to spritzing a few pumps of my favorite mist onto my skin, these subtle actions can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your skin happy and hydrated as you travel. 

+What other questions do you have for Diana? What are your travel beauty tips? Share them below!

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