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I Got the Popular Facial in Korea That’s a Dupe for the “Chanel Injection”

Keep hearing about the beauty concierge service Eunogo? When Charlotte was in Seoul, she got a facial there! Relive her experience with her below!

Visit Seoul and you can easily spend your entire trip exploring countless beauty shops, only to emerge with a skin care and makeup bounty your overstuffed suitcase can hardly handle. But a word to the wise: Don’t leave Korea without experiencing a beauty treatment or two, because there is really nothing you can’t do in Korea, and that includes invasive to non-invasive procedures.
If you don’t have a Korean local BFF that will help you make appointments (yes, the language barrier is REAL), don’t let that stop you, because there’s a quick fix solution that is the next best thing.
It’s called Eunogo, and it’s a beauty concierge service that promises to provide a streamlined, hassle-free experience to help you book premium beauty treatments in Korea. I was pretty stoked at the idea because I know a ton of people who have reached out to me when making plans to visit Seoul, and could definitely benefit from this service.
Eunogo connects you to 60 of their vetted Korean beauty clinics, after they suggest treatments that will fit your preferences. And it’s not just limited to pampering facials, but all treatments from lasers to even full on plastic surgery (there’s a reason why Korea is known for their medical tourism).
For me, I was coming up on a holiday while I was in Korea, and I had a day to spare for a relaxing beauty treatment. Instead of going to my regular derm clinic (Dr. Oracle), I got connected with Joy, the founder of Eunogo, and she helped me pick out a non-invasive facial treatment that was trending in Korea.
She recommended the NCTF Skin Rejuvenation Facial, which is based on the concept of the popular Chanel injections (more on this later). Intrigued and excited to get this facial, she booked everything for me and sent a map of the location and an English translator to meet me at the clinic.
After arriving at the clinic, they walked me through the entire process: They helped me fill out the forms and even stayed with me through the entire facial to provide translation and to ensure I was comfortable. (While I don’t need an English translator, it was provided so that I could experience all the perks of Eunogo.) I imagine anyone who needs this service would find it very comforting to have someone by your side, especially if you were doing something that invasive.

The Facial

My facial was done at MH Clinic, in the ritzy part of Seoul, in a neighborhood called Chungdam. Just from the location alone, I knew this was going to be a really luxurious experience.
The facial started off as any great facial should: with a deep cleanse, using oil-based cleansing agents.

Then we went into a gentle exfoliation using enzymes:

This next step is what makes this facial the equivalent to the “Chanel injection treatment,” without being invasive. (FYI: The “Chanel injection” is also known as Filorga and it’s a process in which hyaluronic acid, enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants are injected into your skin). 

Eunogo uses Dermadrop technology to help my skin absorb a cocktail of humectants, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. It was not painful at all. It felt almost like a gust of wind that blew the nutrients into my skin. I loved how the technology was used to concentrate on sensitive areas of my skin, like my eye area and the skin around my mouth.

LDM therapy and ultrasound followed, to help tighten and lift the skin:
Lastly, a modeling mask was applied for 15 minutes, to ensure all the nutrients are cocooned into the skin: 

My final thoughts:

As an esthetician, I have to say the facial was top-notch, and I think it delivered results that are more beneficial than your usual facial. My skin felt so tingly and tight after the treatment, which is a sensation I never feel after a typical facial. It goes without saying that I looked very hydrated and glowing afterwards, and that glow lasted for an entire week after my facial.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for really rock bottom priced facials, Eunogo probably isn’t the best fit because their treatments are more premium (upwards of $200). But if you are here for some treatments (from invasive to non-invasive) and you need recommendations for trusted clinics and someone to hand hold you through the process, Eunogo is a great platform. It’s like having your own personal Korean-speaking BFF (who knows a ton about beauty treatments) in your back pocket.

+ Would you visit Eunogo if you went to Seoul? Which treatment would you try? Let me know in the comments!

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