The 3 Travel-Friendly Creams That Save Dry, Oily, and Damaged Skin

By June 20, 2017

An inside look at the three My Skin Mentor Dr. G Mentor Creams that help cure dry, oily, and damaged skin.

This week, Soko Glam announced that it’s curating a selection of products from the popular dermatologist founded Korean skin care line, My Skin Mentor Dr. G. The brand has been around for more than 14 years and it’s extremely popular in Korea for providing simple skin care products that have proven results through science-backed research.

Since each product is tested throughly and contains ingredients that dermatologists have developed, the brand is known to be great for sensitive skin, which is great for me, because if you’ve read any of my reviews before, you know I have very dry and sensitive skin. I have the kind of skin that gets all crackly after I wash it and then if I put on too harsh of a moisturizer, it breaks out or gets super red. So fun.

But this is why I was so intrigued to try the My Skin Mentor Dr. G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream 7 for Damaged Skin. I’m into any product that’s been created by a dermatologist to target my specific concerns, and each of the Mentor Creams are formulated with the brand’s patented 5% Bio RTx, a unique complex that helps repair damage and strengthen the skin barrier. The Mentor Cream for damaged skin is made for skin that’s prone to allergic reactions, inflammation, and experiences trouble after applying makeup (raises hand).

dr g mentor creams

What I love about the formula of this cream is it’s made with a variety of antibacterial peptides, plus basil petal extract to help ward off infection and calm inflammation after a bad reaction to a product. I tested these ingredients out by applying the cream one night after I used a really intense exfoliating scrub that left my face blotchy and tight.

When I was putting it on, the sorbet-like texture of the gel cream sunk immediately into my skin so I didn’t have that dreaded sticky face right when I was about to lay my head down on my pillow. It’s a light cream that dries into skin fast, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a summer moisturizer that won’t feel like a blanket on your skin.

When I woke up the next morning, my skin looked like how I love for it to look after using an effective moisturizer meant to offset one of my skin flare ups: balanced, calm, and plump. I was sold. Here’s a cream that doesn’t have an annoyingly strong scent and just gets the job done with no frills.

My only gripe with the Mentor Cream is the size of the jar it comes in, but the size of the jar is also one of the great things about the product. Let me explain: For $26, the cream comes in a 1.69 oz jar, which is really small. After using the cream for about a week, my jar was halfway through. But then again, I’m traveling a lot this summer and the size of this jar makes it the perfect cream for a long trip. It’ll fit well into a small cosmetics bag and it won’t weigh my bag down (I need the lightest products possible because I always travel with the full 10 step routine).

Emily, one of The Klog’s interns, tried the My Skin Mentor Dr. G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream 5 for Dry Skin. This cream has more of a milky texture to absorb into dry patches:

dr g mentor creams

“It lives up to its ‘barrier” description,'” says Emily. “The texture of this product is thicker and stiffer than my normal moisturizers. When I started to use this as a part of my nighttime routine, I had a difficult time smoothing the stiff cream over my cheeks. Instead, I patted the product in with my fingertips to avoiding tugging at my skin. This also ensured better absorption of the cream’s benefits.”

Emily loved how the Mentor Cream 5’s ingredients (like Ceramide 3) “mimics skin lipids” and left her face feeling pretty moisturized the next morning. “Typically, when I wake up, my skin feels tight. However, the next morning, my skin felt comfortable—not greasy, not dry,” she says. “While the packaging says to use this night and day, I personally enjoyed incorporating this thicker cream into my nighttime routine more than my morning routine.”

Ben, another intern here at The Klog, tried the My Skin Mentor Dr. G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream 3 for Oily Skin. Admittedly, he doesn’t always have oily skin, but he does have extremely acne-prone skin and was lured by the product’s promise to control excess sebum, thus help prevent blackheads from popping up.

dr g mentor creams

After using the cream, Ben fell in love with the consistency. “The cream is supposed to enhance the skin barrier, which it certainly did. It almost feels like putting a wall of protection right on your face,” he says.

He also loved how the formula kept his oil at bay. “It didn’t have any sheen or dewiness, and left no excess oil—every bit that I applied to my face sank right in and didn’t show on the surface,” says Ben. “For a cream to help oily skin, it was hydrating. Putting it on was refreshing and felt like it was delivering a powerful dose of moisture. Even better, I felt like the moisture lasted.”

However, Ben was also a bit frustrated with the size of the product. “It took a lot to get the hydration I felt I needed. It’s a thick cream, which helps with the barrier side of things, but also means it doesn’t spread very thinly. I needed to put a lot on everywhere to really adequately cover my face,” he says. “So it’s kind of frustrating how small the container is. You don’t get very much product.”

Bottom line:

The My Skin Mentor Dr. G Bio-RTx Mentor Creams are three creams that truly work to address the skin concerns that people with dry, oily, and damaged skin deal with. While the jars are small, they work really well as travel creams and for anyone who suffers from combination skin and may have a mix of all three of these skin concerns.

If you’re looking for simple get-to-the-point moisturizers that have dermatologist-approved formulas, the My Skin Mentor Dr. G Mentor Creams are right up your alley.

+ Have you tried any Dr. G Mentor Creams? Let us know below!


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