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Introducing Our “Create Your Own Klog Skin Care Meme” Contest!

Welcome to the “Create Your Own Klog Skin Care Meme” Contest! Find out how you can participate and win sweet prizes below!

Lately, a lot of you have been sliding into our DMs with some serious skin care memes of your own. And we love it! So we’ve decided to let you show us what you’ve got. Think you can make a hilarious and relatable meme that’s just as good or even tops our own? You’re on!

Yes! How do I enter?

Step 1: Head to our Google Form and fill it out.
Step 2: Once you’re done filling out your information, upload your meme!
Step 3: Follow The Klog on Instagram and like and tag a friend on our meme from Friday June 8th!
Please note: You have until June 22, 2018 at 11:59pm EST to submit your form.

But wait, what do I win?

On or around June 25th, 2018 we will choose our favorite three memes to be the winners. These winners will be contacted via email and then asked for permission to post their memes on our Instagram.
First place will win three products of their choice that are sold on Soko Glam. Second place will win 2 products of their choice that are sold on Soko Glam. And third place will win one of their choice that is sold on Soko Glam. Each product chosen cannot exceed a limit of $35.00.
All winners will be contacted through the email they submit on the Google form at the end of the contest.

I’m still confused. How do I make a meme?

Whatever way you want. If you want to upload a photo to Twitter, write the caption, and then screenshot, we’re OK with that. If you want to make it on Adobe InDesign, we’re OK with that too. Just make sure that it’s your own ORIGINAL content and make sure it has something to do with skin care. Please no plagiarizing already existing memes; trust us, we’ll know if you copied!

Can I get an idea of what you’re looking for?

Sure! Here are some memes we have posted to Instagram in the past.

Winner announced around June 25th!

Submission can be found HERE.

Good Luck!

Please note, the meme submissions and all Instagram giveaways are only open to residents in the 50 United States and by submitting a meme you are agreeing to be placed on The Klog and Soko Glam’s newsletter email list.