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6 Things You Probably Do All the Time That Could be Causing Acne

Sure, you know genetics and certain foods could be causes of acne, but what about those other triggers you may not be aware of? We break them down here.

Acne sucks. And it sucks even more that there’s a lot we can’t control about it, like our genetics or hormones. But there are some things we do have control over, like the ability to avoid common everyday mistakes that could be causing it.

Below, I’m sharing the biggest acne causers you probably do almost every day. I’m definitely guilty of doing some of these too…cough… not cleaning my cellphone…cough, but with some consistency, I’ve made sure to keep these in mind and it’s really helped to reduce those annoying bumps on my cheeks and forehead.

Mistake #1: You’re not cleaning your phone screen

Phones these days have become like extra limbs. And if you’re the kind of person who brings your phone with you into the bathroom, this is especially for you.

Clean your cell phone screen! And not just every once in awhile, but on a regular basis. Just imagine the amount of bacteria that hides on that surface, and then picture that phone resting on your face while you talk to your BFF for hours. Not good.

I recommend taking a paper towel with some alcohol and cleaning your screen at the end of the day before heading to bed so you know that you’re getting rid of all that built up junk on your screen. Can’t see yourself cleaning your phone every day? Then try switching to talking on the phone using your headphones so that avoid touching your face altogether.

causes of acne

If you use your phone midday and feel sweat or oils building up on the screen, it’s a smart idea to swipe your cheek with a bit of cleansing water to prevent breakouts. Try the Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Marine Collagen Micro Cleansing Water to freshen up your skin and clear away any bacteria that may have transferred from your phone screen.

Mistake #2: You’re not changing your pillowcase regularly

If you’re like me (someone with curly hair who uses lots of product), then you definitely need to change your pillowcase more often. Here’s proof of why: I used to get these little bumps on just one of my cheeks (the one I would sleep on). I started changing my pillowcase more often (at least one to two times a week) and my acne has reduced in those areas.

Even if you don’t use any product, it’s best to change your pillowcase regularly because bacteria (sweat and any oils your skin produces) does build up while you sleep.

Mistake #3: You touch your face a lot

I don’t know about you, but in this sweltering summer, I’ve been touching my face a lot in order to keep that sweat at bay. But also, in general, we touch our faces a lot. From resting on our hands when we’re tired to touching our cheeks when we’re applying makeup, our faces get a lot of contact.

And even if you excessively wash your hands, you still need to avoid touching your face to prevent unnecessary breakouts. This is also true for those with sensitive skin—if you turn red easily, avoiding touching your face will help to reduce any random flare ups during the day. It’s so not fun to go around looking red and splotchy.

Mistake #4: You’re not cleaning your sunglasses

Sunglasses are a summer essential to protect your eyes from UV rays, but the built up sweat they create could cause you to get some extra spots right where they lay on your nose.

To avoid those bumps, make sure to clean your glasses on a regular basis, especially the areas that make contact with your face. Also, don’t let that sweat build up—make sure to wipe away the excess sweat instead of letting it sit in those nooks and crannies.

causes of acne

If you’ve had an especially sweaty day in your sunglasses, it’s a good idea to pay bit of extra attention to your nose to prevent blackheads and breakouts from popping up. Try putting on a Goodal Black Charcoal 2 Step Clear Nose Pack to clarify the pores on your nose and draw out any impurities that may have built up under your glasses.

Mistake #5: You let your hair touch your face

Girls with bangs, I’m looking at you. Letting your hair touch your face constantly means one thing: all those not-made-for-your face hair products infiltrating your pores. Hair products aren’t made with your skin in mind so they’re likely not going to play nice if your skin is acne-prone.

If you suffer from clusters of acne along your hairline it might be a sign that your hair products are affecting your skin. Try avoiding placing your products directly at the roots of your hair which will help to avoid getting acne along your hairline. Also, choosing to put your hair up on especially humid days will help to keep your hair off of your face and keep you cooler.

Mistake #6: You’re not getting enough sleep

This is one of the hardest habits to avoid, but not getting enough sleep really does affect your skin. If your skin is looking dull and lackluster and your eyes are puffy and dark, you’re probably not getting a full night’s rest.

causes of acne

When we sleep our cortisol levels decrease, helping to rejuvenate your skin, but without proper sleep those levels can stay elevated which could lead to acne breakouts. We know, sometimes a late night is necessary, so make sure to keep your skin care routine consistent. When in doubt, reach for a leave-on treatment like the Dr. G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream 7 for damaged skin. This cream helps to protect and nourish your skin while you sleep working to keep acne breakouts at bay with salicylic acid and ceramides.

+ What are other causes of acne you avoid? Let us know in the comments below!
Main image credit: Derrick Lui
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