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Can People With Normal Skin Really Use Any Product They Want?

What are the best products for normal skin? And can people with normal skin really use whatever they want? Read on to find out.

Finding your skin type is one of the first steps in any skin care journey. It helps you navigate through the hundreds of amazing products out there to find the ones that leave your skin glowing and healthy. Today we’re discussing what normal skin is and whether or not those with normal skin can use any product their heart desires.
What is normal skin?
Normal skin can be hard to define and detect. We are often our own worst critics and find every little problem—from oiliness to skin texture—to pick on. Normal skin is when a person’s skin is not excessively oily or excessively dry. Normal skin types tend to have smaller pores and less texture. Nava Greenfield of Schweiger Dermatology explains: “Skin generally falls on a spectrum between dry to oily. Normal skin means it falls towards the middle of that spectrum.”
How do you know if you have normal skin?
If you have normal skin, that does not mean you are never oily and never dry. It just means you fall somewhere in the moderate part of the spectrum. “Within one face, skin can range,” says Greenfield. “It is not uncommon to find both oily, normal, and dry skin on the same face. Certain types of sweat glands, called sebaceous glands, are found in higher numbers in certain parts of the face: next to the nose and medial cheeks, for example. Those places may tend to become more oily while other parts of the face where sebaceous glands are found in fewer numbers may tend to be more dry.”
A lot of factors can impact your skin and potentially push you toward the more oily or dry side. That is why it is important to understand which products work well with normal skin in order to keep your balanced healthy.
Can you really use just any product with normal skin?
One of the great benefits of normal skin is that you have a lot of choice in your skin care. However this is not a free-for-all or an excuse to just put anything and everything on your face. It is still important to have a well-rounded routine that protects and nourishes your skin—no matter the type.
Greenfield adds: “Normal skin does not mean you can apply anything. Even normal skin can develop irritant or allergic reactions to many cosmetic products. You can test any face product on your collar forearm, applying it twice a day for one week, to see if you are likely to react to it when applying it to your face. If your arm becomes red, itchy, or sensitive, avoid that product!”
In many cases, having normal skin means there are more things out there you can try—you’re not limited by having overactive sebum glands or dry flaky patches on your face. However you are still prone to an adverse reaction, just like everyone else. Since each person’s skin is different you should never take your normal skin for granted and put it through the ringer. Be cautious when testing out new products and pay attention to any unusual changes.
What ingredients are great for normal skin then?
Acids are a great ingredient for normal skin since you should be able to use a large range of them. Vitamin C is an amazing acid that also helps with brightening and anti-aging. “Start with an antioxidant serum after using a gentle face wash,” says Greenfield. “Follow that with a moisturizer and separate sunblock.” SPF is important no matter your skin type or the time of year!
Can you switch from one skin type to another with normal skin?
Skin type is more of a long term change while in the short term you will find your skin concerns can fluctuate with factors such as weather, diet, and routine. “Hormonal influences and other factors also play a role,” says Greenfield. “Sweat gland composition and dryness of the skin may also change with age. Someone may find their face is more dry as an adult then it was as a teenager, for example.”
For me, I found that I actually had normal skin, not combination, once I started doing a full routine regularly and my skin’s needs were met. I still have very sensitive skin with tendencies toward developing dry patches, especially on my jaw and cheeks, but with proper hydration and moisturizing, my skin stays bright and dewy. And as long as I stay away from fragrances and certain floral extracts, my skin stays calm and irritation free! 
Bottom line:
It’s important to remember that no two people have identical skin. Each person reacts differently and normal skin can look different on different people, and come with an entirely different set of concerns. Don’t take your normal skin for granted and overload it with products that could potentially cause irritation or even cause your skin type to shift. Focus on a well-rounded, balancing routine like the 10 Step for normal skin to keep your normal skin glowing, and well, normal!

+ What do you think are the best products for normal skin? Share your experience in the comments!

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