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Why Acid Toners Are a Step Above Regular Toners

Why Acid Toners Are a Step Above Regular Toners

These multitasking saviors are the next level products you need to amp up your skin care routine.

Hopefully we’re all familiar with toners by now. They’re the crucial post-cleansing step in your routine that helps to hydrate and rebalance the skin. They restore the skin to an ideal pH (usually around 5.5), and prepare your skin to receive the rest of your skincare. Basically, they’re crucial to healthy, happy skin.

But, toners aren’t one size fits all. Like with most products, there are lots of different toners that will accomplish different things based on your skin needs. Common toners are those which are deeply hydrating, or those which are specially made as cleansing waters to remove makeup. But a less commonly known type is the acid toner. The name sounds a bit harsh, but I promise, they’re amazing for your skin. Read below to discover what acid toners are and all the benefits they have for your skin.

What are acid toners?

With this product category, the name pretty much gives it away. Acid toners are exactly that—toners made with skin loving acids. Whether they’re made with BHAs, AHAs, or PHAs, acid toners are formulated with chemical exfoliants to help smooth and clarify your skin. These exfoliants go to work to clear your skin of dead skin cells and other debris to help keep your pores clean and boost cell turnover.

While they all exfoliate, depending on the acid, the toner will achieve different things. For example, if you use one with a PHA, it will be great for supplying a powerful boost of hydration on top of the exfoliation. If you use one with glycolic acid (an AHA) it will focus in on stimulating collagen production and resurfacing the skin.

Why you want them:

Using acid toners is one of the most effective ways to prepare your skin for the rest of your routine. They maintain all the same benefits of regular toners—adding hydration and balancing pH—but they also clarify your pores and sweep away debris that may be left after you cleanse. This will help clear your pores and leave your skin free of impurities, making it ready to receive the rest of your products.

On top of making your other products more effective, acid toners have many benefits of their own. They provide mild chemical exfoliation that fight fine lines, boosts collagen production, and leaves skin bright and smooth.

And for those of you with oily skin, using an acid toner will help keep your pores from becoming congested, and will regulate excess oil production. Our favorite is the Saturday Skin Pore Clarifying Toner 10% Glycolic Acid. It’s formulated AHAs, providing gentle exfoliation. It leaves the skin seriously bright and smooth, and makes applying the rest of your products noticeably more effective.

How to use them:

Keep in mind that acid toners are chemical exfoliators. That means it’s best to start by using them a few times a week to make sure they aren’t harsh on your skin. If your skin isn’t too sensitive to it, it’s safe to use them every day. They’re best to use at night, but if you use them in the morning, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen (chemical exfoliation can make your skin more sensitive to sun damage).

Acid toners are best applied using a cotton pad so that you can swipe debris off the skin. I love to use them with the Klairs Toner Mate Two in One Cotton Pad because the pads are specifically created for use with toners and are super effective and gentle applicators. Simply douse the toning pad and sweep outwards across the face to throughly slough away impurities.

Bottom line

With acid toning, your toner step will accomplish so much more than just balancing your skin’s pH. You’ll hydrate, balance, and exfoliate your skin all in one go. An acid toner will help keep your pores clear, and work to brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Give acid toners a shot, and say hello to consistently clearer, brighter skin.

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