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The Product That Turns Your Regular Clay Mask Into a Sheet Mask

Stories From a Curator is a column by Charlotte Cho, the curator and cofounder of Soko Glam. As a licensed esthetician and the author of The Little Book of Skin Care, Cho gives a glimpse into her discovery process and what brands and products make the cut for the curated site.

If you couldn’t tell, we’ve been a on sheet mask kick recently. We’ve endorsed using one every single day and we showed you all the different kinds we’re obsessed with right now. But there’s one mask in particular that I can’t stop using. Here’s why the clay-based Ultru I’m Sorry For My Skin Black Mud Mask is the new innovative mask you need to try.

If you ask me why I love sheet masking so much, I would quickly answer with this: It’s so easy and calming. A crazy day running through your never-ending laundry list of errands or losing your keys for 30 minutes before running off to work will cause stress—but all those troubles melt away with a simple sheet masking session. It’s relaxing and easy because there is no post or prep work needed. It’s simply a presoaked sheet that rests on your clean skin for 20 glorious minutes. When you peel it off, you toss it in the trash, and then poke in awe at your plump, dewy skin for the rest of the evening.

Now if only if all skin care products could be this easy and the results just as instantaneous and satisfying! Well, I’m happy to report that we just got one step closer to that with a new and innovative sheet mask in town—I’m talking specifically to you oily or acneic skin types who love clay masks!

Ultru is a rising sheet mask brand in Korea that has figured how to turn your typical clay masking session into a convenient sheet mask. Please welcome the Ultru I’m Sorry For My Skin Black Mud Mask.

How easy it is to put on:

If you’re someone like me who personally has a love/hate relationships with typical clay masks, you’ll be excited about this mask. For me, clay masks are usually too goopy and get all over the place. I tend to slather them too thickly and clumsily over my face, only to realize I’ve wasted about half the jar for just one application.

But the Ultru I’m Sorry For My Skin Black Mud Mask solves all these problems. Upon opening the packaging, you’ll see that the two piece sheet mask is actually made with an ultra thin-layer of clay on top of the microfiber. It makes it incredibly easy to unfold and place over the skin, just like you would any regular hydrating sheet mask, and there’s absolutely no more or no less than what you need to get the job done.

See the application process of the Ultru I’m Sorry For My Skin Black Mud Mask in action in our “7 Sheet Masks You Didn’t Know Existed” video:

The star ingredients:

Thanks to the key ingredient kaolin clay, the sensation is cooling and soothing. It also works its magic so that the mask hardens, lifting impurities such as excess oil, sebum, and even blackheads from the skin as a good clay mask should.

After 30 minutes, the detoxing is complete and you peel the sheet mask from your skin to reveal smooth, congestion and oil-free skin. And like any well formulated Korean skincare product, you don’t feel like your skin is uncomfortably tight, because it’s also nourished with ingredients like lemon peel, lavender, and evening primrose root extracts.

The clean up:

What I loved about the clean-up process is that there was none. I simply splashed my skin with water just to rinse off any light bits of clay residue. It wasn’t nearly close to the level of post-maintenance clay masks require. Within a few seconds, I was clean, dry, and able to move onto the next part of my skincare routine, which included a toner, essence, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer.

Final word:

With the Ultru I’m Sorry For My Skin Black Mud Mask, you’ll realize sheet masking isn’t just for dull, dehydrated skin. It’s also for people with oily skin and the acne-prone clay mask lovers, who don’t want the pain, mess and hassle of clay masking, but the convenience of a sheet mask.

+ What’s your favorite new sheet mask? Let us know below!


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