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Travel Diary: Exploring the Sights of Samcheongdong

Seoul is always an eyeful. You never know what you’ll find around each and every corner you turn. There might be unexpected colors that pop, or textures that intrigue.

Whenever I’m in Seoul, I always enjoy taking a few hours out of my weekend to explore Samcheongdong. The neighborhood is famed not only because it’s the filming location for such popular Korean dramas as “Coffee Prince,” but also because it has a striking blend of modern and by-gone aesthetics. The sensory overload leaves me inspired and energized.

Valentine’s Day morning, I took a chilly stroll through Samcheongdong. Dave was back in the States, so we couldn’t enjoy it together. I missed his presence. We’ve explored these cobblestoned alleyways together frequently.

Despite it’s familiar twists and turns, it was not as I remembered it. New stores were sprinkled throughout the street. I felt like I was exploring a new neighborhood all over again…

But that’s to be expected. It’s the kind of place where when a new shop crops up and the entire feeling of the place changes. I’m always amazed at how much time is spent decorating the storefront down to the last detail, and how visually striking it all is.


The lights strung outside were such a nice touch, as were the contrasting textures of the plaid cloth and linen  shawl. Feels a bit scrappy, but lovingly pulled  together.


Not a thing is overlooked to set a mood and evoke a feeling. This flower shop almost feels like it was cut out of the streets of Nice or Paris and plunked down in Samcheongdong. In Seoul, it’s all about creating an experience.


Love the ribbons, bright whites, and muted greens. So romantic. <3


Yes, I want to go down the Rabbit hole into this clothing boutique! So clever and intriguing:


Almost looks like the mascot is wearing a rabbit version of a sheet mask.


Even when you step foot into a coffee shop, it’s like you’re transported into a different world.



I can see some lights strung outside of the shop, I’m tempted to come back to see what it looks like at night.


Coffee shops run a plenty here, but this one was so cheery and rustic with it’s bright blue shutters and white exterior. It’s faintly reminds me of Greece.


Oh, my kind of coffee shop. Definitely want coffee and bread here. Mmm…


I love antique-y flea-market type things and this place looks like it’s filled with all types of elements.

So cute! I want to eat this building:



Korean cartoon characters, plushy dolls, pens, and knickknacks abound here. 


And the pie at this place:


Lavender and lime. Lovely. 

Maybe I can get some argyle socks to match.

Love the retro/green argyle print on the side of this tart shop!

And of course, a hanok, or traditional Korean house smack dab in the middle to remind us of of the past.


Home sweet home, back in the day, complete with rice paper screens.


I didn’t get to be with the one I love on Valentine’s Day, but I did get to be in a city I adore.

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