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The Underrated Neogen Products That Deserve a Place in Your Routine

What are the Neogen products worth adding to your routine? We’ve rounded up the brand’s unsung heroes below.

If you’re a K-beauty fan, you’ve probably tried Neogen Bio-Peel pads or the Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick (created by Soko Glam’s own co-founder Charlotte Cho!). Allow us to introduce you to some of the brand’s other, perhaps lesser-known gems, including a serum mist that actually feels like it’s doing something, a non-drying clay cleanser that deep-cleans pores, and more.
A lot of facial mists feel refreshing for a second, but don’t seem to actually do anything else, which is why we can’t get enough of this one. While the mist is fine (and won’t mess up your makeup), you can really feel it getting to work – skin feels instantly softer and more hydrated. The formula contains niacinamide to brighten, centella asiatica extract to calm inflammation, and hydrogen water to strengthen and boost the skin’s moisture barrier.
Green tea is a potent antioxidant, which is why it’s often found in anti-aging products. However, its powers don’t stop there. Green tea has both antibacterial and soothing properties so it’s a great ingredient for acne-prone and sensitive skin.
In this cleanser, it serves to do all of the above, plus brighten, making this a perfect option for every skin type.
Other star ingredients in the cleanser are wrinkle-fighting morninga seed extract and glow-inducing papaya fruit water.
Neogen’s Bio-Peel pad line is a cult classic and for good reason; the products are packed with powerful active ingredients, effectively exfoliate skin, and make skin feel instantly smoother and look brighter.
While the pads aren’t harsh on skin, you may feel that you need a gentler option. In that case, the brand’s Cica Pads are about to be your new holy grail product. They exfoliate and refine skin texture, but because the main ingredients are various forms of super soothing centella asiatica (a.k.a the buzzy ingredient cica), the formula also works to calm any redness and inflammation. The pads also contain ceramide NP, which excels at nourishing dry, rough, and/or itchy skin.
This sheet mask offers next-level hydration. The fabric comes saturated with nourishing ingredients like ceramides and avocado oil, and when you’re ready to use it, you snap a capsule located at the top of the packaging to supercharge the mask further with an essence that contains a form of hyaluronic acid that is twice as moisturizing as standard hyaluronic acid.
Because the mask is drenched in so much essence, there is a lot leftover in the package. We like to take advantage of the excess by patting it onto oft-ignored areas like our hands and décolletage. The essence doesn’t evaporate quickly like it does with some sheet masks, so your skin truly gets 20+ minutes of treatment, resulting in a noticeably softer and brighter appearance afterwards.
Do you love how clean clay products make your skin feel and look but hate how drying they are? Us too. That’s why once you try this one, you won’t be able to go back to the rest. In addition to kaolin clay and Canadian colloidal clay (known to have cleansing, brightening, and nourishing properties), the cleanser-mask hybrid contains centella asiatica (which, you know if you’ve read thus far, is calming). What’s especially cool about this cleanser is that it’s also formulated with carbonated water. The ingredient helps clean out pores more effectively and gives skin a fun tingly sensation.

+What are your favorite underrated K-beauty products?

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