Sophia Chang’s Favorite Skincare Products

By November 18, 2016

The biggest secret behind Sophia Chang‘s amazing makeup tutorials on YouTube? Making sure she starts every single makeup look with a healthy, glowy skin. Ahead, Sophia rounds up the top 5 skincare products that hold a significant place in her heart.

Sophia Chang Favorite Beauty Skincare Product
Banila Co. Clean It Zero Classic

A glam girl like me always needs a strong makeup remover to gets rid of any trace of makeup. Banila Co.’s Clean It Zero Classic is my all time favorite because it takes away anything from your most stubborn waterproof mascara to liquid lipsticks. I love the fact that this oil-based cleanser comes in a balm form that transforms into a silky oil cleanser—yes, it gets extra points for being messy-free. You only need to scoop out a dime sized amount and massage it onto your dry face and neck to see all the makeup and dirt breakdown right before your eyes! Plus, it is perfect for those with sensitive skin since it is extremely gentle.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
Being a proud Korean-American, essence is no surprise in my skincare routine. I am a huge fan of essences but my favorite has to be the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This formula from our Asian neighbor (SK-II is a Japanese brand) contains over 90% of pitera, a yeast ferment filtrate packed with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that helps the skin to regenerate faster. This product makes my skin look young and fresh: You just take a few drops into the palm of your hands and pat it into the skin.

Sophia Chang Favorite Beauty Skincare Product
Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift™ Advanced Wrinkle Treatment
This is one of the most innovative products I’ve tried so far. It comes with this really cool dispenser that shoots out the formula right onto your skin while providing a cooling sensation. Created to target wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dryness, this formula brings hyaluronic acid as its hero ingredient. The results? It firms, provides deep, long-lasting hydration, and improves skin’s texture. I love to spray this product all over my face and bring it down to the décolleté.

Missha Cell Renew Snail Cream
This snail cream has been doing wonders for my skin by firming and restoring my skin—all thanks to snail mucin, this amazing skincare ingredient that, amongst other amazing things, replenishes moisture and supports cell regeneration. Missha’s Cell Renew Snail Cream helps to fade acne scars, smooths uneven complexions, and reduces hyperpigmentation. Plus, it has such a great texture and it really glides onto my skin leaving it nice and subtle.

Sophia Chang Favorite Beauty Skincare Product
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Here’s a
nother non-Korean that deserves my affection, too. We all have those random breakouts that seem to choose to pop out when there is a special event coming up, right? Well, this little guy changed my life when it comes to pimples. You just take a cotton swab and dip it into the bottom pink solution and then dab it onto any little pimples—boom! Once you wake up in the morning your zits are already pretty much dried out and flatter than they were the day before.

+ Sophia Chang is a 24-year-old Korean-American vlogger and beauty influencer from Los Angeles, California. Make sure you subscribe to her YouTube channel, Fashionista804, and follow her on Instagram, too!



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