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son and park gel bonding eyebrow

The $19 Brow Gel That’s a Perfect Dupe for the Anastasia Dipbrow

Read this Son and Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow review and find out how it’s an amazing dupe for the popular Anastasia Dipbrow!

When I look for makeup, I’m not afraid to splurge if I know that the product actually works. Case in point: I’ve been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown & the Anastasia brush #14 for a few months now. In total, the duo costs almost $40, which is quite a lot for a struggling college student to fork out at once.
I’ve tried American dupes for my beloved ABH product before, such as the raved Colourpop Brow Pot, but the low price was too good to be true. The suggested color for my dark brown hair was much too warm-toned, a familiar problem that I’ve experienced with just about every single American brow product. Even the ABH seems too warm-toned on some days.

The winning dupe:

The Son and Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow, however, is an amazing dupe, and I don’t have to wonder if the brown is too warm-toned. The product is also wallet-friendly; for half the price, you get both the brow color and a dual-ended angled brush and spoolie.
The first time I tried this product (in 03 Ash Gray), I wore it to work and my brows didn’t budge the whole day. I was impressed, because with the Colourpop brow pot, the product would move around and smudge. This Son and Park product is like a gel—you apply it, then it dries and bonds to where you leave it. Despite the product’s impressive debut, this was not enough of a test. If I try out a product in an air-conditioned, cool environment, then am I really testing its limits? I think not.

The ultimate test:

I decided to test the Son and Park brow gel’s power at the grossest, sweatiest, makeup-destroying place ever: a music festival. Like most festivals, this wasn’t where everyone sings Kumbaya and respects each other. No, this was one where people are fighting, pushing, and sweating their way to the front of the crowd. On top of that, this festival didn’t let you bring certain cosmetics, so unless you’re wearing reliable makeup, you’ll be brow-less in the first hour.
son and park gel bonding brow review
I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the highest hopes for the Son and Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow only because every dupe that I have tried before had been such a mess. However, something about the waxy feeling of the product made me confident in its longevity. The color also matched my hair color way better than the ABH color recommended to me at the Sephora counter. With four layers of highlighter and my favorite liquid lip on, I bravely went into the festival without a backup eyebrow pencil, wearing my ABH eyebrow gel on my right brow and the Son and Park gel on my left:
Son and Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow review
After eight hours of absolute disorder, I have to say that my brows were in pretty good shape. Above is an image of the Anastasia brow after the festival. For the most part, it was there. The ends had faded a bit and I had sweated off parts of the front, but my brows were generally still filled in. This is the standard I used to have for brow products: If I can sweat all day and basically survive a mosh pit and my brows are still generally there, then I can safely assume the brow product is doing its job.
But then I looked at my left brow with the Son and Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow on after eight hours…
Son and Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow review
It seriously didn’t budge! I mean, just look at how sharp the end is! It looked as if I had just applied it. The brow stayed put despite the fact that I had been elbowed in the face maybe a dozen times.

Bottom line:

The only negative aspect about the Son and Park Bonding Gel Eyebrow is that it can dry up easily and this can cause the application process to take longer than expected. But this product experience also set a new standard for brow products for me. The Son and Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow didn’t budge, fit my brow color better, and most importantly was half the price. Why should I pay twice the price when quality is available to me at half of it?

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