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The Skin-Saving Products That Team Soko Glam Took Glamping

What would you pack for a weekend spent in the woods, sleeping under the stars, and hanging out around a campfire? It might not come as a shock that for us, the answer is lots of skin care. Here, we share our camp must-haves.

Last week, we embarked on a two-day retreat into the woods of the Pocono Mountains with the rest of team Soko Glam. While we left some of our everyday comforts like Starbucks, high thread count sheets, and reliable cell reception at home, you can bet we made sure to pack our most prized skin care possessions.

Read on to discover some of the products we brought to camp, and how they helped us fend off bug bites, breakouts, and more.

A’Pieu NonCo Tea Tree Stick

“My skin must have gotten used to New York City air, because I started breaking out the moment I entered the fresh air of Camp Owego. This tiny treatment stick was a skin-saver and really helped calm down my breakouts.”– Michelle, marketing coordinator 

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

“I take this essence with me everywhere, so there was no question that I would take it camping. I slathered on so much sunscreen and mosquito repellent over the course of the weekend so this essence helped to calm and soothe my skin.”– Tien, CX associate

Mamonde Petal Spa Oil To Foam Cleanser

“This is my go-to, on-the-go product because it’s a quick way to double cleanse. The formula dissolves both oil- and water-based impurities!”– Charlotte, co-founder and chief curator 

Troiareuke Acsen TOC Toner

“I stripped back my routine, but wanted to make sure I brought gentle, deep-cleaning products. This exfoliating toner is multi-tasking and not too harsh, so I knew that if I got sun exposure, it wouldn’t make my skin freak out.”– Daniela, CX associate

Neogen H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray

“This mist made my skin feel super refreshed after hiking and being outside.”– Inhwa, marketing director

“The Dermadeca spray helped my skin stay hydrated, but also kept my redness from all the food/insects/alcohol consumption under control.” – Diana, senior merchandising and retail manager

COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pad

“I always have this product when I travel. It’s good for dry skin and super convenient and you can use it as a sheet mask by placing a few over your face. I like to keep the pads in the fridge.” – Soojeong, assistant CX manager

Re:p PhytoCELL Cell Revival Cica Cream

“I knew I would experience some facial redness at camp thanks to allergies, a lack of quality sleep, and potential bug bites. This cream contains a variety of centella asiatica-derived ingredients that are super soothing, so I knew I could count on it to keep my complexion happy in the great outdoors.” – Sarah, content manager

Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner and Botanic Farm Black Soybean Milk Pudding Sleeping Pack

“I actually brought at least five steps with me, including a double cleanse and sunscreen, but the most important ones for me were the Acwell Toner and the Botanic Farm overnight mask. Both are great for my dry skin. Plus, the toner got rid of any excess sebum I experienced thanks to the campfires and canoeing – it really did its job.” – Jonathan, office manager

Skinfood Royal Honey Eye Cream

“I struggle to find eye creams that don’t come in tubs, so I love this one. It’s very creamy and moisturizing without being very thick, making it perfect for this trip.” – Emily, marketing manager

+What products would you bring with you into the wilderness? Share them below!

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