At Soko Glam, our goal is to inspire good skin habits. We believe skin care is a personal journey that should evolve with you and with our trusted curations, we’re here to guide you through that process for only good (skin) days ahead.
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Good Skin Days

Your Exclusive First Look at Good (Skin) Days™: A New Skin Care Brand from Soko Glam Labs™

We all know that Soko Glam, through its Korean “skin first” philosophy, is guided by its mission to help all people believe in Only Good (Skin) Days Ahead™. Now, Soko Glam is taking their next steps to bring its community the skin care it wants and deserves with the launch of its first-ever brand, Good (Skin) Days™, developed by Soko Glam Labs™. Read on to hear what Charlotte Cho has to say about the new brand, how it came to fruition and why the products will be a welcome addition to any routine. 


Are you ready to continue your skin care journey? 

It’s hard to believe Soko Glam started in 2012 as a small Korean beauty site with just a handful of products. Fast forward 8 years – now we’re a bona fide skin care platform, a place to not only shop hundreds of our carefully curated skin care products, and a place to learn more about your skin through informative articles from The Klog! Plus, our Skin Concierge service – which gives you direct access to our skin experts through one-on-one text message skin consultations – has reached thousands of folks over the years. 

All of the above could only happen because of the support and trust we have from our amazing Soko Glam community, and because we’ve stayed true to our mission, to help all people believe there are Only Good (Skin) Days Ahead™

Now, we’re ready to unveil a new chapter in our journey, and that’s the launch of Soko Glam’s first-ever brand, Good (Skin) Days!

Good Skin Days

How It All Started: You Inspire Us!

I know you might be thinking, another brand? Does the world need another skin care brand? I’m going to confidently say, YES! Because Good (Skin) Days™ was made for you. Based on years of feedback, conversations, reviews and testimonials from the Soko Glam community – know that we put a lot of YOU into Good (Skin) Days™. 

And just sayin’ you guys are skin experts in your own right, so you truly set the bar high for us!

You shared with us you wanted a brand that was accessible in price point:

Our launch collection is $26 and below, and we’ll keep future products around this range.

You shared with us you wanted a clean, cruelty free brand:

We’ve adhered to the Soko Glam Clean standard, which means no artificial colorants, artificial fragrances, mineral oil, SLS (sulfates) and parabens. On top of that we’re vegan, and we’re in the process of getting Leaping Bunny certified!

You shared with us you wanted a sustainable brand, because you care about the environment:

Our sustainability journey will be ongoing, but we’re proud to start off with 100% recyclable packaging, printed on soy ink. And, our shippers are 100% recyclable too. We’re looking into further options to optimize this experience. 

Most importantly, you shared you wanted products that are effective and made with quality ingredients:

Lots of fermented ingredients, pure vitamin C that was more stabilized, and acne-fighting ingredients like mugwort were at the top of your list! And with our new Soko Glam Labs™ division, I can assure you that these will soon be your holy grail staples in your routine, even for sensitive skin types, because they WILL deliver results!

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Soko Glam Labs

Let me give you the inside beauty scoop. Many people don’t know this, but a lot of products you see out in the market are not given the care and attention that you think they do. Many are white-labeled products, which means products that are formulated by manufacturers, rebranded with the same formula and sold to various brands. You can slap on a label and call it your own, with some minor tweaks. That’s why some of the products you have in your cabinet, may be oddly similar to other branded products! 

Know that Good (Skin) Days™ doesn’t believe in that unoriginal method. So we created our own proprietary apparatus involving a team of chemists, estheticians, quality assurance specialists and skin care experts called Soko Glam Labs™ based in Korea. And of course, I’m part of that process from the very beginning! Not only are we excited to innovate, but they’re keen on adapting all of your feedback and want to create products that you’ll love. 

The result? Differentiated formulas that are unique, deliver results and most importantly designed for our community. 

good skin days

Good Days For All

And here’s what I can’t wait to reveal to you today. While we obviously care a lot about skin care, first and foremost, we’re driven by helping you on your own personal journey too. We are a values-driven brand, and we have always wanted to use our platform for good, whether it is donating to important causes like No Kid Hungry, The Trevor Project, LINK and the NAACP.

What the team and I are proud about is that through Good (Skin) Days™, we’ll now have a permanent and consistent way to give back to our community through our charitable initiative Good Days For All.

For every single product purchased from Good (Skin) Days™, a portion of the proceeds will go towards a charity that you, our community, feels passionate about! We will be asking our community for their input in the causes that matter most to them right now, and where our dollars can make a tangible impact. Because the world is constantly evolving and there are so many worthy causes out there, there will be 2-3 charities selected a year from here on out!

Good Days for All will start off by donating to Black Lives Matter, based on your recent feedback. If you want to take part in the next poll to select our next cause or charity, please make sure you sign up for the Soko Glam newsletters and follow along on social, because we’ll be asking for your feedback there.

Now that you know what the brand Good (Skin) Days™ is all about, check out the collection here! 

We’re starting off with 4 essentials that we believe will become your staples. A luxurious mugwort and green tea cream cleanser, a hydrating and gently exfoliating toner made with maple and rose water, a pure vitamin c serum, and a hydrating probiotics moisturizer! Look out for in depth reviews on all of these products in the next few days! 

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