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Rice Cleansing Tissues That Brighten With One Swipe

Cleansing tissues became a thing in my life only after I started to live in Seoul. Businesses were always passing out a travel-sized packet of them out on the streets, attached to an advertisement of some sort. While at first I would pass them up, I started to willingly accept them and happily pop the packet of cleansing tissues into my purse. They proved to be quite handy at cleansing my grimy city hands and random food stains on my new shirt, without having to find running water.
When I started to see that many of the Korean beauty brands also carried a line of cleansing tissues for the face, that’s when the addiction went full throttle. They weren’t meant to simply sanitize your hands, but they were soaked in ingredients that would help clean, soften and nourish facial skin. And they made everything so easy. I started putting packs of them in my bathroom, the bed and soon, the car.
If you have never owned a pack of your own facial cleansing tissues, try the Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Tissues. They’re not your run-of-the-mill facial wipes, because they’ve been soaked in rice bran extract and water, from a special region in Korea called Cheorwon County, where crops of rice are grown.
Rice water has been used for centuries in Asia to brighten and keep the skin healthy and supple. It’s backed by science too. Rice bran water and extracts contain vitamins, acids and minerals that brighten and nourish the skin. Keep in mind, rice bran isn’t the actual grain of rice, but it’s the film that is produced during the actual milling process. One of the notable vitamins the film contains is Vitamin E and it’s rich in antioxidants which helps fight free radical damage.
I love how these particular cleansing tissues are for the most part water-based, but they also added a tiny bit of olive oil in the formula to help remove any oil-based impurities such as makeup and sunscreen. Here’s a tip: you can tightly wrap the tissue around your finger to swipe away stubborn eye and lip makeup. The sheets are so large, soft and luxurious that there is enough sheet to go around for all parts of your face. And as with any cloth used to wash the skin, it has a slight exfoliating effect as well.
Use the Rice Brightening Cleansing Tissues whenever you want a refresher, before the gym or after a workout, or even when you get on a plane. I often use them to remove makeup (instead of soaking a Q-tip in makeup remover), or as a one-step cleanse when I’m out of time or energy to do the double-cleanse. Trust me, they’ll step in more often than you think!
To hear about my favorite oil-based cleansing tissue, read The Review: Skinfood Brown Rice Cleansing Tissue.

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