Travel Tips for Your 10-Step Skincare Routine

By November 16, 2016

Hey there, jetsetter! Planning to hop aboard a plane or hit the pavement for another rad road trip any time soon? With the holidays coming up, lots of people are doing the same, and it begs one very important question: What is the best way to keep up with your 10-step skin care routine while you travel?

The idea of abandoning your 10-step Korean skincare routine while you travel may send you (and your pores) into a panic, but fret not. The key to getting every single last step in without making TSA shake a finger at you is multi-tasking beauty products. You know we got you, so here are our recommendations!

SU:M37 Cleansing Stick - Travel Skin care Routine

Use a Cleansing Stick
Personally speaking, cleansers are always the most difficult items for me to pack because it’s nearly impossible to find my favorites in trial sizes. You can imagine my glee, then, when I discovered cleansing sticks a while back. My current favorite (and I’m not alone—it’s quickly become a cult must-have) is SU:M37’s Rose Cleansing Stick, which contains bits of real roses to help exfoliate while it cleanses. In that sense, it serves two purposes while also being easy to travel with.

Carry a Face Mist While in the Plane, Train or Car
Here’s a fact: Korean Air flight attendants manage to have the most gorgeous skin even at 35,000 feet! Their main secret? Face mists! You’ll want to make sure you keep one tucked into your purse while in the plane, train or car. Try Benton’s Honest TT Mist, for example. It not only serve as a toner, you can also use it as a mid-flight wake-me-up face refresher. It contains 85% tea tree water and extract, which soothes and hydrates your skin while giving acne and excess sebum the boot. What else can we ask for?

RE:P All in One Multitem. Travel Skin care Routine
Look for Multitaskers

Talk about a serious multi-tasker! RE:P Nutrinature All-In-One Multitem serves as your toner, essence and emulsion, which means it balances the pH levels of your skin, adds a whopping dose of moisture, and even brightens. True to the RE:P brand, it’s formulated with organically grown ingredients and utilizes potent ingredients such as niacinamide, antioxidants and nourishing avocado and olive oil. FYI: this one weighs in at 3.3oz, so it passes the TSA liquid carry-on check.

Take Enough Sheet Masks With You
Sheet masks are generally easy to travel with and can pack a major dose of moisture, so I recommend packing enough for one every two to three days. One that I like to keep in my purse for long plane rides is Manefit’s Natural Gift Green Tea Pore Care Sheet Mask. After all, b
esides causing your skin to dry out, flying can also stimulate breakouts.

This mask is infused with real green tea, a powerful antioxidant that not only hydrates and prevents premature fine lines and wrinkles but has anti-inflammatory properties, which make this guy perfect for acne-prone skin—oh, by the way, you can read the full review of this product here. It’s also an easy item to mindlessly throw into an overnight bag.

If you want to boost the powers of your sheet mask, one tip is to actually double mask and use an eye patch like TonyMoly’s Intense Care Syn-ake Eye Mask under your face mask. (Psst! You can learn more ways to enhance the effects of your sheet mask here.)

Pack Exfoliating Pads
Carrying a full package of exfoliating pads may not be very travel-friendly per se, but you should definitely carry at least some of them in a zipper storage bag (Ziploc, Glad)—depending on how long you’ll stay away, of course. Neogen’s Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea is our all time favorite. Use one pad after flying to get a mild facial scrub (focus on the soft side of this product for that) to remove surface dry skin cells that have accumulated.

Erborian BB Mask - Travel Skin care Routine - The Klog
Raise Your Hands to Individual Treatments

Finally, I want to incorporate a little bit of morning skincare into this travel beauty roundup. Erborian’s Perfect Morning BB Mask is an ideal addition to this list because it contains eight tiny, individually wrapped, easy-to-travel-with mask treatments that purify and revitalize your skin. It’s called a 3-in-1 because it cleanses, tightens pores, and preps skin for makeup. To use it, you dump the powdered contents into your hand, add a bit of water, and then lather on your face. After letting it set for about a minute, you rinse it off.

+ Have some skincare travel tips to share, too? Share them below in the comments!

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