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Skin Tip: What Areas are You Neglecting?

This made me laugh: boobie masks? Well, never say never. Whoever put this display together has a really good point. So many areas that warrant just as much TLC as your face too often go neglected. What you consider good habits for your face you should also apply to other sensitive skin.

Head: Obviously your face is included in this, but your hairline and scalp also deserve protection from the sun and proper moisturizing. Don’t forget your ears! Fellow California girls, don’t leave the house without sunscreen and a big hat. Make it a fun fashion statement. Your skin will thank you later. Ladies of the East Coast where we’re getting tons of snow, remember that the sun still reflects damaging UVA/UVB rays, so you need SPF too.


Lips: Yes, lips are part of your head too. But they’re so delicate they get their own section. The skin around our mouths is much thinner than other parts of the body. We’re constantly working it and moving it around too, talking, eating, drinking (hopefully including plenty of H20), smoking (if you do this, don’t! so bad for your skin). That means it’s at risk for showing age sooner than other areas. Once to twice a week gently exfoliate them with an old soft toothbrush. Every day make sure you give them a deep dose of moisture. If you don’t want to keep reapplying, go for something long lasting in the morning and night. When you’re outside, use a product that has SPF. If you’re lips are really suffering from the winter, try a lip patch, which is like a sheet mask but for you lips instead of your face.


Neck and chest: This is so important. Unless you’re wearing a turtle neck or scarf every day, these areas are always exposed to the elements. Like lips, they reveal aging, but in the form of pigmentation and spots. Better bust out your 10-step skincare routine for these parts too.


Backs of hands: I don’t get it. There are hundreds if not thousands of hand creams on the market, and I don’t think I’ve seen a single one that includes SPF, but they should. Wear SPF on your hands! Especially if you’re driving. You might even try comparing the hand that’s usually closest to the window to the other one. See a difference? Avoid over-exposing them. When you do activities with water like washing dishes or just washing your hands, apply a cream or lotion to prevent them from getting chapped. If you’re a manicure junkie or your nails are suffering from winter weather like mine are, try this finger essence to save your cuticles.


What other areas do you guys find need extra work? How do you take care of them? Share below.
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