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Skin Care Secrets From Korean Men Celebrities

Skin Care Secrets From Korean Male Celebrities

When it comes to Korean skin care, our inspiration comes from women and men! Today we are focusing on top 5 Korean male celebrities—from K-drama stars to YouTube sensations—that give us some serious #skininspo. Get ready to steal some of their best skin care secrets and advice.

Soon Jooong Ki - Skin Care Secrets From Korean Men Celebrities - The Klog

1. Song Joong Ki: “I use sheet masks often, but wear them no longer than 20 minutes”
This Korean celebrity is universally known for always having radiant, youthful skin. In a segment on K-Star channel, experts shared that Song Joong Ki gets his constant glow from using sheet masks at least once a day. He pays special attention to timing this skin care step, too, never using a sheet mask for longer than it is instructed since, from that point on, the mask begins to dry and take away the moisture from your skin. For sheet masks that give you that youthful glow, opt for ones with plumping properties like Manefit’s Bling Bling Hydrogel Mask Set in Soothing Aqua Collagen.
Ricky Choi - Skin Care Secrets From Korean Men Celebrities - The Klog
2. YouTuber Ricky Choi: “I never skip a double-cleanse”
Double cleansing isn’t just for women who wear makeup but a key skincare routine in removing all skin dirt and impurities, no matter your gender or beauty habits. Ricky swears by the double-cleanse. Start off with a solid cleansing balm like the ENature Moringa Cleansing Balm, then follow with a water-based cleanser such as COSRX’s Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser.
Leeteuk - Skin Care Secrets From Korean Men Celebrities - The Klog
3. Leeteuk from K-pop band Super Junior: “I have a 5-step cleansing method”
In a segment on “Please Take Care of my Vanity Desk 2,” K-Pop star Leeteuk reveals his extensive skincare method, from makeup removal to moisturizing. He goes by a five-step cleansing method, which includes a makeup remover, cleansing oil, and foam cleanser that he massage all over his face using a facial sponge—like the Erborian Charcoal Konjac Sponge—and then with a Clarisonic as the last step to deep clean. His skin care routine continues with essence and moisturizer.
BJ Seya - Skin Care Secrets From Korean Men Celebrities - The Klog
4. Broadcast Jockey Star BJ Seya: “Toner is the most important step for me”
BJ Seya is famous for his Mukbang videos online, but he’s also well-known for his “honey-like” skin. The step that he pays more attention when following his skin care routine is the toner. “This is the product category that really helps to balance my skin and prep it for the rest of my skin care routine,” he says. Choose a toner that hydrates, like Klavuu’s White Pearlsation Revitalizing Pearl Treatment Toner, which has mineral and apple fruit waters to deeply moisturize while rebalancing your skin’s pH.
Seo In Guk - Skin Care Secrets From Korean Men Celebrities - The Klog
5. Seo In Guk “I use an ample amount of foam cleanser”

Korean celebrity Seo In Guk may have a killer voice, but he also has skin to die for. His trick is all about having a ready-to-use foaming cleanser like Neogen’s Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser, that will already create a foaming lather for you so you don’t have to apply too much pressure on the face to create a lather yourself. When applying it, he doesn’t skimp on product and uses about 6-7 pumps (!) to massage it all over his face. He says this not only deeply cleanses his face but it makes his skin feel revitalized too! 

+ Which tip do you think you’ll try on your own? Let us know in the comments!

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