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seoul fashion week

The Cute Korean Guys are the Real Style Icons at Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week is upon us, which means it’s that time of the year to stalk the #SeoulFashionWeek hashtag on Instagram and marvel at all the amazing makeup and fashion. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. But when it comes to street style, we’ve gotta say: Korean men take the cake.

Don’t get us wrong…there are tons of gorgeous and seriously stylish women in a lot of the street style snaps we’re seeing, but there’s just something about the Korean guys in street style Instagram posts that have us doing a double take. It could be their impeccable hair, or their meticulously put together outfits, or just the fact that they are—to quote Zoolander—really, really, really, really ridiculously good looking.
Want proof? We’ve got a whole collection of images from Seoul Fashion Week to show you how far deep our obsession with stylish Korean men goes. These guys are giving us major fashion inspiration.

Just look at how perfectly this guy mastered the jean jacket/floral button down shirt combo:

One street style photographer in particular—a woman who goes by “victoria.s_photography”—has been capturing our attention with her shots of men’s street style. Here, she shot a picture of one of the coolest guys we’ve ever seen:

And we’d like to be able to pull off double hooped earrings as well as this dude:

Victoria shot this awesome guy who looks like a futuristic hippie (in the best way possible):

She even shoots mini male fashion stars!

We’d like to know where this man got his awesome transparent glasses…

A post shared by @zzocozzing on

We’d also like to know where this guy got his super cool sunglasses…

A post shared by 정jeong은eun (@kjeun1021) on

Look at these two fashion forward guys just hanging out in the streets of Seoul (are those flowers for us?):

A post shared by @minimajay on

So many great jean jackets!

A post shared by @zzocozzing on

And finally, we leave you with the cutest pairing ever: A Korean model and his insanely adorable and stylish son.

+ Are you as obsessed with these Seoul Fashion Week looks as we are? Let us know below!

Main photo credit: @87mm_official
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