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How to do the rough red lip step 2

The Rough Lip Look Tutorial

One could say that K-beauty and French beauty are rivaled, mostly in the sense that the rest of the world aspires to achieve their version of a flawless face. When it comes to makeup, both versions have their own version of a classic red lip. K-beauty’s gradient lip looks dimensionally stunning, but for when you’re a bit less committed to a smooth ombre and more into the “distressed denim” kind of red lip, that’s where the French come in. French girl style has perfected the casual red lip: no liner, no powder-setting, just a hazy blotted look like you’ve been biting your lips (a lot). Learn how to do it with these two super-easy-to-follow steps:

The Tool
My favorite product to play with when creating this look is 
Son & Park Two-Way Lip Chalk. I like it because it is my fool-proof express tool to that perfectly imperfect “rough lip look.” The sponge-tipped end lets you get that stained look without the extra step of blotting, and the lip liner serves as a good base. Sure, you could use it as its name implies but we’re going a bit off script here. Lip liner is secretly the best kind of primer for a lip color since they’re made to hold tight to where you apply them.

Before You Start
Any matte lip look works best to your comfort if you start with moisturized lips.
Swipe on a teeny bit of lip balm—just enough to keep your mouth from feeling parched.

Step 1
Using the liner end, I fill in the center of my lips moving outwards until right before the edge.
How to do the rough red lip, step 1
Step 2
And then flip it over and use the sponge-tipped end to tap on color over the liner and to the edges, keeping them blurred a bit. Try thinking of them as opposite of what you’re normally supposed to do with a lip liner and color. Push the sponge-tip into the cap for more pigment (also because it’s spring-loaded and that’s fun). Blot and swipe your way to a hazy matte lip line.
How to do the rough red lip step 2
Yes, t’s seriously that easy. Rather than use a regular lipstick and strategically swipe, blot, swipe-again, this makes it infinitely easier. Plus, you don’t need tissues and you don’t need to worry about getting your fingers dirty. Same concept as a cushion compact but for your lips!
rough red lip final
I love this look because it’s got more pigment than a stain (without the dry parched feeling of most stains) and a soft matte finish that makes your lips look and feel extra plush. The formula has shea butter and fruit extracts for moisture so don’t worry, your lips are covered on that front.

+ Try it too and tag us on social media so we can see how it looks!

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